Grade 3 Virtual School

Below are optional learning engagements for Performing Arts this week. We’ll continue posting material on this page with the most recent material on top. Please remember that if you have any questions it is best to contact me via email and not via the See Saw app. If you post your work on your See Saw please make sure that you label it “Performing Arts” so we can keep track of it! – Ms. Benusa and Ms. Butler

Week 3 – Feb 17-21

This week Ms. Benusa and Ms. Butler are taking over your UOI work on See Saw. Check there for more information about a folk song from Canada called “I’se the B’y”


Week 1 & 2 – Feb 4-7 – Feb 10-14 – Optional PA Activities

  • Listen Around the World! Continue to explore the G3 World Arts Map here. As you listen/watch examples of music and dance from each culture, write down your observations, connections and questions using the “see, think, wonder” routine we learned in class.
    • Optional Sharing: On See Saw, pick your favorite video from the padlet and write your “See, Think, Wonder” observations. Then tell us why this video is your favorite? What can you learn about the culture from its music and dance?

  • Brazilian Songs and Dances – Before we left for break we learned two songs from Brazil, review them using the material below and think of how you can make them even better!
      • Tambores – Ms. Benusa and Ms. Butler learned this song from a musician named Estevao Marques. You can see a video of him singing this song here.

    • Ta Caindo Fulo
        • Listen to two different versions of “Ta Caindo Fulo”

      • What is the same about these two versions?
      • What is different?
      • Which one do you like best? Why?
    • Drum/Dance – in class we put the pattern “con, con-ga-da” to our feet and the drum. Can you keep the pattern going and sing the song at the same time? You don’t need a drum to play the pattern, any surface will do! What is easier for you? Drumming the pattern or moving the pattern?
    • Creative Movement – We started learning a dance to this song using long ribbons. Many members of class had dance ideas that connected to the Shepherd’s Dance you learned with Ms. Saunders. Choreograph a dance using those moves or your own ideas that goes to “Ta Caindo Fulo.” Email a video of your work to Ms. Benusa or Ms. Butler!
      • Recognize the role the arts plays in communicating ideas within cultures and societies
      • Identify the purpose of music and dance and communicate their personal interpretation

If you already did last week’s engagements, email your PA teacher for what else you can do!