Grade 1 Virtual School

Below are learning engagements for one lesson of Performing Arts during virtual school. I will continue posting material on this page with the most recent material on top. Please remember that if you have any questions it is best to contact me via email at and not via the See Saw app. If you post your work on your See Saw please make sure that you label it “Performing Arts” so we can keep track of it!

Week 3 – Feb 17-21

This week’s virtual school can be found in your UOI activities on See Saw! We share a new song about exploration by Emily Arrow. You can watch that song here.

Week 1 & 2 – Feb 4-7 & Feb 10-14 – Optional PA Activities

  • Creative Movement: Teach someone at home how to play the movement game “mirror and shadow”. In this game we combined making up creative ways to move our body with focused imitation of a partner’s ideas.
    • Since you may not have scarves, what other objects can you hold in your hand to play the game at home? How do different objects change the game?
    • Pick a song from the Creative Movement playlist to move to. Do your movements change with the different songs?
      • Respond to music through movement
  • Music: In Performing Arts we’ve been working on how musicians match the sounds they hear in words to the sounds they hear in music. We’ve used the symbols “ta” and “titi” in poems we wrote about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Try writing your own poem about what you did over the Chinese New Year break.
    • Write three sentences about how you’re spending your holiday. Keep them short as we will fit them into four beats. For example, “I went to the cine-ma.”
    • Put rhythms to the words of your sentence using “ta” and “titi” (you can use this worksheet as a guide or copy the picture below on your own!)

  • Think of items that you can find around your house that you could use as instruments to play your poem. You could tap pieces of furniture to have a wood instrument. Or use kitchen utensils to have a metal instrument. How does the piece sound differently with instruments of different materials?
  • Post a video of you paying your poem on See Saw. Don’t forget to label it “Performing Arts”!
    • Exploring playing techniques of simple percussion instruments (hit, shake, scrape)
    • Read and play simple rhythmic patterns

If you already did last week’s engagements, email Ms. Benusa for what else you can do!

Looking for more to do? Check out my post about Listening to Music as a Family here.