1/4/2019 G2 Home learning

by Annie Yip on April 1, 2019


  1. 完成練習冊第11頁 complete workbook page 11 (reading the text 《愛迪生》and write the information in the table)
  2. 收集資料:介紹一個自己喜歡的重要的人物(參考資料冊33頁),下星期一帶回學校,在課上把資料填寫在資料冊內。Research: collect information about a significant person that you would like to introduce to our class. (Please see the details on the Unit booklet page 33) Next Monday, please bring the information you collected (draft on a piece of paper, books, printing out materials…) We are going to write the selected information into the unit book in class. 

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