Lots to reflect this month across the Upper School. Thankfully it has not been all work and no play!

3D Printing


After many failed attempts and rounds of adjustment, I was pleased to witness the joy of learning in Sirius as he collected a high quality version of his sculpture from our MakerBot. Sirius created the sculpture with zBrush as part of his MYP Personal Project. The process was as much a learning journey for me as it was for him as it meant delving deeper into model repair with Meshlab to fix inherent design flaws and generally prepare it up for the printing. At my request, Sirius wrote a detailed reflection on the problem-solving process and preparation for 3D print. Furthermore, he agreed to host a workshop on zBrush for the wider community.

Design Matters


As part of our integrated IB MYP Design program, our Grade 8 students applied their mathematical understanding of surface areas and volumes to create a sustainable package for an object of their choice. In Grade 9, students applied geometric and algebraic concepts in order to create catapults and our Grade 10 students employed a broad range of research skills from Humanities to plan and create engaging documentary films.

Micro Learning


To meet the learning and development needs of busy teachers and students, several online courses within the Moodle platform have taken shape. A catalyst for this moment was certainly the Personal Project course development by Michelle Lovett and Julie Cook in support of the standardisation process undertaken by all MYP teachers.

Videography Team


Recognising the increased demand for live and recorded video production a new student-led videography team has been established.  As the supervisor of this group, I am looking forward to the stories of learning and success they will share with the wider community.


Our Grade 10 students have completed the “Health and Wellness’ Challenge – an independent, non-timetabled project that spanned 10 weeks in which goals were to establish healthy habits with respect to #sleep, #fitness and #food. This project was planned to be ‘mobile first’ and used a special blend of automated workflows to record progress using a SmartPhone. Learn more about the project.

Drones for Good


Unmanned Air Systems (UAV) or “Drones”as they are colloquially know, have quickly become one of the most important technologies of our time. Their value has been evident in our Athletics program where we have been exploring the use of aerial videography to analyse training and performance.  Check out this video of the ‘Paddling T-Wolves’ – our student Dragon Boat team as they prepare for an upcoming competition.