Did you know there’s a super quick and easy way to post reflections to your digital portfolio?

All you need is a SmartPhone and some special recipes to create a workflow.

Here’s the ingredient which need to be mixed in the order below:

  • 1 x Instagram Account and App
  • 1 x WordPress Account and App
  • 1 x IFTTT Account and App

WARNING: You’ll be blown away when this flow is properly configured, so follow these steps carefully!

Step A: WordPress Portfolio

  1. Login to our school WordPress site on laptop
  2. Select an existing category or create a new one for your Instagram posts to be displayed
  3. Add this category to your sites primary menu
  4. Add the TagCloud Widget

Step B: Instagram

  1. Download the Instagram App [iOS] on your SmartPhone
  2. Create a new account using your school email and network password
  3. Check confirmation email
  4. Username = StudentNumber
  5. Set to Private Account


  1. Visit the [IFTTT website], create account on using your school email and network login
  2. Add the Service [Instagram]  (input your user detail from step A above)
  3. Add the Service [Wordpress]  (input your user detail from step A above)
  4. Add the Applet [Instagram tag to WordPress Category as Photo post] (Repeat this three times)
  5. Configure the Applet as desired:
    – Instagram Tag (e.g. food/fitness/sleep)
    – WordPress post Title (e.g. Eating Well)
    – WordPress post Category (e.g. Health & Wellness)
    – WordPress post Tags (e.g. food)

Once setup you’ll love the speed and ease with which you can share your learning in a visually attractive way.  If you have a tweak or suggestion for taking this further please feel free to share below.

Optional: WordPress App

  1. Download the WordPress App [iOS] on your SmartPhone
  2. Select Add a Self Hosted site
  3. Input student ID, network password and site address minus http:// (e.g. sites.cdnis.edu.hk/students/160077)

Pro Tips:

  • Using the WordPress Paste as Text feature (found in the editing toolbar) to copy and paste content from GDocs/Word will style your text properly based on your theme.
  • Set calendar reminders to help you post regular updates.
  • Edit posts and upload media on the go using the WordPress App.