A rolling stone gathers no moss as they say and so it is year I installed a couple of responsive themes of updated two sliders in order to direct community attention to the latest release of the *Moodle Mobile App* and *Turnitin Plagiarism* Plugin. Inspiration for the front page renovation came from the *Emily Carr School of Art + Design*. The visual design of this Moodle installation is outstanding with valuable information for first-time visitors thoughtfully presented.

If you’re a lead Moodler in your workplace I highly recommend testing the App. I’ve been using it sporadically in classrooms over AirPlay, checking assignment submissions and giving feedback in forums. What I discovered through this process is the ease of which your can reply to students and post announcements in forums with iOS dictation.

Behind the scenes I’ve also been developing a mobile optimized *nano course* for our sports coaches. The goals of this project is to provide quick and easy access to coaching manuals and key contacts.

This year I purchased the Promenade and Studio themes from New School Learning. Promenade is the site default and gives the front page slider functionality as well as much needed course marketing spots. Studio is a theme we’re exploring as the default for the MYP program and gives our teachers and students the ability to focus on course content only by quickly hiding the side blocks. Studio also give teachers the ability to add a page banner to their courses for greater visual impact.

I’ve also streamlined the Assignment grading page hiding additional columns of student data via a few lines of custom CSS codes. This essentially makes it giving feedback and grading a distraction free process.

Finally, a design resource that I have been heavily using is the *FontAwesome Cheatsheet*. I’ve created a custom menu bar with button-based links to supporting external web resources within a Design course that I teach and can see how this may have some value for our teachers in terms of minimising the ‘scroll of death’.