This month marked the beginning of weekly Wednesday 30 minute professional learning sessions with a focus on instructional design with Moodle. Run during the lunch hour, my idea is to pair the learning with some tasty home cooked food as an added incentive to attend (after all people are giving up their lunch hour!).  Taking the cooking theme further, each session has a menu consisting of starters, specials and sides.

Starters (2 minutes)

These are short and sharp tips for productivity.

I demonstrated the use of Messaging in Moodle this week for following up on student progress and broadcasting announcements.  Messages appear when students login to the system and also automatically routed to the students email address proving a streamlined communication experience.

Specials (20 minutes)

Focus here is on the integration of Google Apps for Education into the Moodle learning environment.

This week I walked through an example of embedding a Google Presentation into Moodle discussion forums to gauge student engagement as well as assess knowledge and understanding of presentation content.

Sides (8 minutes)

The idea with sides is to provide opportunities for teachers to experiment (safely) with additional plugins for Moodle.

Experimentation take place in our sandbox environment and then with testing incorporate them into the live environment for the rest of the community. This week we looked at the oohoo TabTopics course format is a convenient means of presenting course resources and activities.  The plugin was successfully tested and is now available.

Look forward to hearing about any recipes you may have for successful teaching and learning with Moodle.