As promised, here’s the final post in the ‘Design Matters’ series. If you’ve just arrived, I highly recommend reading the first post in this series to get the context for this creative design process.

After 6 solid weeks, our data visualization challenge – an MYP Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) involving Humanities and Design – has concluded with students evaluating their process and exhibiting their finalized infographics.

Here’s a quick sample of what the students had to say about the project:

“… this Design Cycle was an amazing opportunity for me to delve further into my possible-dream-job, and learn about it more.”(Daniel)

“I think that the skills needed to create this infographic (research, time management, planning) have been instilled into me even further and it improved my work ethic and habits.” (Samantha)

“The process has lead to a grand realization of how suitable this profession is to me.”(Consti)

“Before this project, I had little experience with Adobe Illustrator, and with this project, it has given me an excellent opportunity to expand my design borders to new lands.” (Ryan)

“Adobe Illustrator is a whole new experience to me, but I think at the end of the day, I tamed it pretty well and because of this project, I have decided to make an infographic for my Personal Project. (Scott)

Further proof of this projects rigour and impact can be seen in their design folders and I am convinced that Evernote is the best tool for chronological documentation of a design process.

Take a look at the depth of learning in the following design folders:

This IDU has helped students make connections to the real world, reinforced valuable life skills such as time management and provided them with an opportunity for creative expression with industry-standard tools.

Another iteration of this project is scheduled for the next academic term so stay tuned for another series of posts. In the meantime, do check out the top rated design on Pinterest.

Are you giving students the opportunity to visualise data? Experienced in the use of Adobe Illustrator? Have a passion for design? Please feel free to leave your comments.

CC Image by Flickr User sirwiseowl