Curating videos into playlists on YouTube and then embedding them into Moodle is a breeze. Special mention to Benjamin Freisen for his session at the Google Apps for Education Summit in Hong Kong which inspired this post.

Why Do This?

Save. Screen. Space.

Consolidating related video content into a playlist can help avoid the dreaded ‘scroll of death’ for students.

Minimise Distraction

Playlists keep the focus on learning by eliminating the computer generated ‘related content’ that appears if a student is simply given a YouTube link.

Continuity of Learning

Learning can be sequenced in one playlist or even differentiated into distinct playlists depending on your outcomes.

First Impressions Last

Break with the conventional verbal introduction of a new unit and engage students with a playlist of varying perspectives. When paired with a GoogleForm, Moodle Quiz or Forum you have a powerful diagnostic/formative assessment.

How Do I Find Great Content?

There’s so much rich content on YouTube, the challenge can be finding it! A good strategy is to subscribe to channels of relevant content. Here’s Ben’s list of channels to get you started;


  1. Log into your GApps account and create a YouTube channel. (here’s mine)
  2. Create a Playlist on YouTube.
  3. Add Content to the Playlist.
  4. Click Share > Embed.
  5. Copy the Embed Code.
  6. Within the appropriate Moodle Topic/Resource/Activity and Editing turned on, toggle the HTML button.
  7. Paste the Code and Save Changes. 

CC Image by Flickr user Le Video