An impressive range of infographics were displayed this week as part of a MYP Year 5 Careers + Technology interdisciplinary project.

Their challenge was to research a specific career and then using the Adobe Creative Suite of tools and a guided by a design framework, visually communicate key facts and figure about that career in an Infographic.

The entire project spanned approximately 5 weeks, involving 2 Careers teachers, 3 classes and 59 students.  We used Moodle as a learning platform to share project resources, submit design notebooks created with Evernote for formal assessment and provide timely feedback throughout the journey.

I asked students to follow a simple technique from the Institute of Design at Stanford University for providing constructive feedback on drafts and prototypes both in class and online.  For each design mockup they were asked to complete the following sentences; a) I like… b) I wish.. c) What if…

It was great to hear about the design process our students followed, many remarked that this was their first real opportunity to work with vector graphics and how interesting it was to manipulate vectors without loss of quality.  Enjoy.

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