In this post we will explore how to insert YouTube videos nicely in your ‘Multimedia Box’. You could insert the video directly into your post, however in certain cases you may want readers to focus on what you have actually written whilst providing supporting media in the designated Multimedia Box.

1. Locate and Copy

From the  YouTube page that has the video, click the ‘Embed’ button.  This is usually directly under the clip on the right-hand side.  Once the options appear, select the smallest size e.g. 425 x 344 and copy the code.

2. Paste & Customize

We now need to adjust the code that we previously copied to fit the Multimedia Box.  Edit the post that you wish to insert the video into and look for the Multimedia Box Options in the Dashboard.   Paste the code you copied in the previous step and then change all instances of the width and height to 415 x 233 and preview your post.

Change width and height values to 415 x 233