Where the Heck is Catalonia?

Catalonia is a coastal province of Spain located on the North-East corner of the country and has a housing density similar to Hong Kong.

The Technology Journey

Mr Jordi Vivanco, Head of the Knowledge and Learning Technologies Unit, was the keynote speaker at the CITERS2010 Symposium.  His presentation provides perspectives of ICT in Education and associated policies for the province of Catalonia.

I quite like Jordi’s interpretation of ‘digital competence’ which he defines as a ‘convergence of literacies’.

IT Literacy + Media Literacy + ICT Literacy

What the Research Says

Research in to ICT in Education (PIC Report 2004, REDES 2006, SITES 2007) suggests that as a group, teachers and students have a much higher degree of access to in the internet than the rest of society.  However, the impact is very low compared to other sectors.  Teachers tend to use ICT for instruction than than promotion of methodological innovations.  Main obstacles are organization of school time, curriculum framework, and lack of time.  Lastly, for many principals the integration of ICT is not a priority.  These findings have informed the provincial ‘School 2.0’ program.

School 2.0 Program

This is a state wide program launched in May ’09, the general framework of which means that every teacher and student has a netbook and all classrooms are WIFI and IWB equipped. Digital Learning Resources are provided via a platform called AGREGA and a focus of methodological approaches to ICT in teacher training.

This project begins at the secondary level, is voluntary and decided at school level.  The netbooks are family owned and subsidized by 50%.  Publishers are being encouraged to digitize texts.  At present, more than 250,000 students are involved and demand is strong.

Like many other states and institutions, Moodle has been the VLE of choice for Catalonia.