Sure, there are oodles of videos on YouTube and these can be easily embedded in your blog posts using the YouTube button but what if you or your students have created a video and you don’t necessarily want to upload it to YouTube, how do you share it on your blog?

First, use the Adobe Flash Video Encoder to convert your video file to the FLV format.  Why?  Because the FLV format is optimised for web streaming which directly translates to fast downloading.

Second, you need to upload the FLV file to an online storage service, in this case, the ‘Public’ folder of DropBox.

Third, right click the FLV file in your Public DropBox folder and select ‘Copy Public Link’

Then you need to enable the ‘Flash Video’ button which is done in Dashboard > Settings > Video Quicktags > Enable the FLV player.  Once enabled, create a new post and then click the Flash button to insert your FLV file.  When the pop up window appears, paste in the link you copied and click Okay.

You video is now displayed!