• Based on the writing I have done this semester, the improvements for my explanation writing is that I explained clearer and had correct punctuation and grammar. For my persuasive writing the improvements I made […]

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    In my class, we were assigned to do an activist speech about a topic you care about, this video shows you the speech that I presented.


    I think I did pretty well on this assignment. I am quite […]

  • For our performing arts unit, we studied blues music. After many weeks of exploring the world of blues music, we then created our own blues song. Blues music is a style of music that expresses mostly sad feelings, […]

  • I have already done and been approved for my proposal and now I am working on some of the recommendations from my judge. Some recommendations I got from my judge are, researching more about my topic and thinking […]

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    This week we are working on our October goals. My goals are to use my time well in class and at home and to participate more in class. I chose to use my time well because using my time well in class will help me […]

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  • 1. What did I learn ?
    I learned that a table can help to find the formula or rule. Another thing I learned about tables is when there is a recursive pattern, it can help to find the rule or formula. One thing I […]

  •   Last week we had matter rotations. All of the students could sign up for three of the matter workshops. One of the workshops I signed up for was Baking science with Ms. Khory and Ms. Costa. In baking science we […]

  • In my opinion the first two weeks of school has gone amazing. It has been an amazing start so far because when I first came to this school, all my classmates were really helpful and kind towards me and my teacher […]