• Last month, we made a speech to address global issues all over the world and their affects on humans, animals, and the landscape. I made my speech about climate change, it’s effects on the Earth, and how we can […]

  • Overall, this year was pretty normal. I made some good friends, learned new things and did lots of fun things. We did a lot of math and UOI. My favourite subject was PE because we did activities like dodgeball […]

  • I made my art showcase about video games, movies, and tv shows that I like. We had 4 weeks to complete it but I didn’t worry about it until the last two weeks because I had to work on other things like home […]

  • In performing arts we studied the blues which is a style of music that tells stories through its lyrics and notes. Anyways we wrote our own lyrics and practiced making a song. I think the recording was not good […]

  • First Blog – Science Experiment

    Me and my friends were doing a science experiment for an assignment and we decided to test the density of liquids.

    First we put honey and it stayed at the bottom creating the […]