• Here are my goals for the future, I think that my two goals are realistic and probably can all be done before Christmas.

    My first goal that I want to work on is managing my time better. I think this goal in […]

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    我覺得我的有進步的地方是我的作文,因為以前我不知道很多字,所以我不可以好好寫作文, 但是現在我明白和可以記得比以前多的字。我學要努力的地方是讀得多,因為我不讀很多中文書,我會每個星期讀一本書。

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    This is my HL reflection because this is the fifth week of home learning and I think that after a month we should probably do a reflection so here we are doing a reflection. In my opinion in this week’s home […]

  • On Wednesday I did a scientific experiment making a homemade lava lamp, it worked much better than I expected. In my opinion I think that I listened pretty well on what we were supposed to and overall everyone did […]

  • Hello this is Mango back after a pretty good summer here to talk about my Pre-Exhibition Project that I presented yesterday. My Pre-Exhibition Project was making 12 Pocket Mazes shown below for the people in my […]

  • In my opinion Grade, 5 was a pretty good year but like any normal person it’s time to finish off the year and go on holiday so here’s a recap on everything good that happened (my teacher does not wish to put […]

  • In the past few weeks, we’ve been rushing through a new How the World Works Unit, desperate to finish it before the Summer Holidays. We’ve been learning about many different things which I’ll tell you when there’s […]

  • Mango’s Where We Are in Place and Time Inquiry Reflection

    I used to think that history was a very narrow and easy subject. Now I know that every time in history there is so much detail that can be talked about […]

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    有一天我們的保護蛋活動完成了,我們的老師說我們要做一個海報,一個電影,或者一個行。我做了一份海報,我開始的時候我覺得會很容易,但是後來覺得很難。我沒有贏但是我很開心我做的海報。 我覺得我可以進步的地方是做快一點,因為如果我做快一點我可以完成。下一次我會做快一點,然後會做的更好。

  • 這個是我的口語考試,是一分鐘長。 我覺得我說得比較好,但是還可以進步,我沒有準備這個口語考試。有很多人說得比我好,所以我下次會好好準備我的口語考試。

  • Last Thursday me and my parents went to school to do a learning review. I felt a bit nervous since it’s not often that all the attention is all on you and no one else and I went quiet numerous times but it was […]

  • I think we worked well by assigning a role to each person with a due date. What I think we could do better is that we probably could memorise the script before doing it.

  • Do you remember the smart goals all the way back in October? Well if you do here is a update on how well my goals are doing now. I reached my goal of trying to score 10 goals in one soccer game around a week […]

  • 我和陳子琳 做了一個電影 ,我們的電影沒有做完因為我的班去了外出活動所以我不可以完成。我覺得我們做了好的地方是,我們的電影有很多感受,不但好笑,而且是對別人很有用 。我覺得我們做不好的地方是,我們常常做電影的時候會笑起來,有很多外的聲音在我們的電影。

  • Today we went on a field trip to Asbury where we found out about the true size of subdivided homes. The subdivided homes were actually bigger than I expected even though they were still very small, especially […]

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    我的中文學習做得好的地方是讀課文和口語考試。中文學習需要進步的地方是聽寫考試 和發音。今年我的學習目標是我要讀很多中文書。為了做到這些目標我要多買中文書,我要練習讀書。 

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    In class we discussed why we needed goals and what their use was. Our assignment was that we had to write 3-5 goals and how you were going to do them. The first goal I chose is to score 10 goals (In Football) in […]

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    Welcome to my Blog, I am Mango, this is a little about me. I like playing Football, My favourite subject is P.E, I am in 5E. My favourite thing about Grade 5 so far are Lockers because you can hide all sorts of […]