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    在星期一,我做了一個口語考試,今天我會說一說我說了什麼。評估是你要說你的橫梁設計圖兩分半鐘。我準備得好,準備了三天,我準備了一個提示卡説。我覺得我可以説到時間,但是我沒有說到兩分半鐘,我的老師問我一些問題完成的時候是兩分半鐘。我覺得我說得流利,但是我看的時候,覺得我有一點笑聲。 我下一次會大聲一點說話

  • Today I’ll be reflecting on the YA Workshop that we did on Friday and Saturday (Jan 9-10 2020). Overall I feel that I did reasonably well since I didn’t simply not do anything if it was way outside my comfort zone […]

  • On Tuesday I did my activist talk and overall I think that I did pretty good, however there could still be some improvements to be made so I will go through the process of my speech. I think that I did well on my […]

  • Overall I think that G6 is going pretty well since my exhibition has been going along rather nicely, here is a basic overview of the year so far. Overall in exhibition I think that my main achievements are getting […]

  • I think that I did well on my cover since I started it on Thursday and finished it on Friday which I think is great since I can now focus on different things and complete different things.

    The first thing that […]

  • Last Thursday I did my PYPX Proposal and got approved, Overall I think I did a pretty good job so today I’ll do a reflection on what I did well, How I felt and what I would change next time.

    Currently I feel r […]

  • Today me and my group(James,Warren,Kaz,Mango) finished our 100 Challenge, now time to explain the game. The aim of the game is to write equations that end up in each number for example 9^2+3 is 84 so we’d write […]

  • Here are my goals for the future, I think that my two goals are realistic and probably can all be done before Christmas.

    My first goal that I want to work on is managing my time better. I think this goal in […]

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    我覺得我的有進步的地方是我的作文,因為以前我不知道很多字,所以我不可以好好寫作文, 但是現在我明白和可以記得比以前多的字。我學要努力的地方是讀得多,因為我不讀很多中文書,我會每個星期讀一本書。

  • This is my HL reflection because this is the fifth week of home learning and I think that after a month we should probably do a reflection so here we are doing a reflection. In my opinion in this week’s home […]

  • On Wednesday I did a scientific experiment making a homemade lava lamp, it worked much better than I expected. In my opinion I think that I listened pretty well on what we were supposed to and overall everyone did […]

  • Hello this is Mango back after a pretty good summer here to talk about my Pre-Exhibition Project that I presented yesterday. My Pre-Exhibition Project was making 12 Pocket Mazes shown below for the people in my […]

  • In my opinion Grade, 5 was a pretty good year but like any normal person it’s time to finish off the year and go on holiday so here’s a recap on everything good that happened (my teacher does not wish to put […]

  • In the past few weeks, we’ve been rushing through a new How the World Works Unit, desperate to finish it before the Summer Holidays. We’ve been learning about many different things which I’ll tell you when there’s […]

  • Mango’s Where We Are in Place and Time Inquiry Reflection

    I used to think that history was a very narrow and easy subject. Now I know that every time in history there is so much detail that can be talked about […]

  • 有一天我們的保護蛋活動完成了,我們的老師說我們要做一個海報,一個電影,或者一個行。我做了一份海報,我開始的時候我覺得會很容易,但是後來覺得很難。我沒有贏但是我很開心我做的海報。 我覺得我可以進步的地方是做快一點,因為如果我做快一點我可以完成。下一次我會做快一點,然後會做的更好。

  • 這個是我的口語考試,是一分鐘長。 我覺得我說得比較好,但是還可以進步,我沒有準備這個口語考試。有很多人說得比我好,所以我下次會好好準備我的口語考試。

  • Last Thursday me and my parents went to school to do a learning review. I felt a bit nervous since it’s not often that all the attention is all on you and no one else and I went quiet numerous times but it was […]

  • I think we worked well by assigning a role to each person with a due date. What I think we could do better is that we probably could memorise the script before doing it.

  • Do you remember the smart goals all the way back in October? Well if you do here is a update on how well my goals are doing now. I reached my goal of trying to score 10 goals in one soccer game around a week […]

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