• 在評估裡,我們要介紹我們畫的衡量設計,也要說我們畫的圖畫的意思。我準備畫我的衡量設計前,我在網上找中國人喜歡的動物,所以衡量設計會有更多意思。我找到了:鳥、螞蟻、蜜蜂、獾、等等…… 我在衡量上畫了龍、鳳凰、蝙蝠、陰陽、和竹子。我也找了為什麼中國人喜歡這些動物。比如:竹子的意思是慢慢頸部,好像竹子慢慢長高、陰陽代表世界的平衡,好像男和女……我覺得我說的不好因為我停頓了好多次。如果下次又要說,我就會練習比這次更。(Link)

  • I enjoyed this year so far. In the beginning, I thought the PYPx would be hard and unpleasant. But when we started it, I realized that it was not that hard. Even though I was extremely nervous about my proposal, I […]

  • We had to make a mini-museum about ourselves and a grade 4 and 3 came and we had to tell them a story, but not just any story but a story about ourselves. We had to have at least 10 items and we also had to make […]

  • In Performing Arts we studied the Blues, after several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own blues piece.

    Our Planning Sheet

    We had a Blues bass line, Blues lyrics were sung, and Improvisation (p […]

  • On November 5th, the teachers, vice principal, and the administrators of our school did a simulator on the Grade 6s. They were certain rules that we could not break, and if we did there were consequences. Many […]

  • 今天我想跟你分享我有進步、要進步、怎麼可以進步的地方。我有進步的地方是讀書,上一年我沒有認識很多子,今年我有認識更多容易和複雜的詞語了!我要進步的地方是要努力的寫封好的作文,因為上一年我寫的作文不太好,所以我今年想進步。我可以怎麼進步呢?今年我可以寫更多作文,所以可以進步。       謝謝

  • For my PYPx I hesitated between 4 different expeditions: Left handed rights, stray animals, photographs on problems in HK, and art on problems in the world. In the end, I decided to go with Left Handed Rights. The […]

  • At school we have to take our farther, and by saying that I mean we are doing our own inquiry! We got to choose if we want to work in a group or individually. I chose to work with two of my friends: Pippa and […]

  • What we are doing in Math

    What we are doing in math is Patterns. We are almost done with this inquiry. We had quite a few questions that we had to answer. At first I had no clue of what the rule and formula […]

  • Workshop:

    We have been doing 3 different workshops each. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 

    On Tuesday I did Art that was inspired by science, and I did a piece of art that was pointillism. It was tiring but […]

  • P.E:

    In P.E we are learning how to play proper badminton, while learning some of the rules like:

    If your score is even then you have to serve from the right diagonally and vice versa
    You have to serve a […]

  • 我們在學校有一個保蛋活動,然後我們要跟別的同學介紹那個活動,用電郵、電影、海報。我選了是電郵寫給我的好朋友,下面你可以看見那個電郵。

    我們還有一個比賽,這個比賽是從最好的電郵、電影和海報。但是只是我寫了電郵給朋友,因為沒有人比一下,老師幫我讀一下。我覺得 […]

  • Camp Reflections

    I am writing about camp that we went on a Wednesday, 27th of November, 2018. We went to Gilwell camp. On the first day we did high elements, I was terrified of the heights, I was afraid that I […]

  • 這幾個星期,我們學到了不同的讀方法:

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