• The sixth week flew by in the blink of an eye, engraving a few amazing memories in my mind. As always, a special event became the showstopper. This week, house day came and it was the funnest thing that happened […]

  • During this week, so much has happened. Everything has went by so quick that I can hardly remember anything, but I do want to share the little that I do. One of the showstoppers this week was definitely the […]

  • Throughout the first few weeks of school, so much has happened. I’ve met a lot of new people, and learned so much about math, language and science. The unit that we’ve been focusing on is How the world works. […]

  • 你好!我叫陳旻玥。今年我十二歲,讀六年級。我在加拿大國際學校已經讀了三年了,今年是第四年。我和我的爸爸媽媽一起住在香港,爺爺奶奶留在上海。我是一個用功努力的女孩。只要有作業,我就會第一時間把它做完。有時,我還會把第二天的也做完呢!沒有事做的時候,我經常會拿出筆記本和鉛筆,開始畫畫。我也很愛惜東西。每次外出時,我都把東西看得緊緊的,害怕會弄丟。

    我最為自己感到自豪的特質是用功。上個學期,我們有了一個很重要的考試。如果考得 […]

  • It’s unbelievable, how fast Grade 5 had gone by. It feels like it was just yesterday  when we all came into 5E, nervous and excited for what lay ahead. Along the way, I’ve met so many new people, some who had […]

  • In 5E, we have been experimenting. The central idea we are focusing on at the moment is : new understandings are developed through various experiments, and we had tried exciting things like static electricity, […]

  • This unit, we learned a lot about historians and historical events. One thing that I really think I learned a lot was the personal and group inquiry project. Not only did we learn about various things on how to […]

  • 港珠澳大橋是中國境內一座連接香港珠海和澳門的橋隧工程,橋隧全長55千米,其中主橋29.6千米,其中香港口岸到珠澳口岸41.6千米。大橋從2009年12月15日動工建設,於2018年10月24日上午九點開通運營。工程項目總共投資了1269億元。高珠澳大橋以其超大的建築規模,工前的施工難度以及頂尖的建造技術而聞名世界。港珠澳大橋在促進香港澳門及珠江三角洲西岸地區的經濟發展具有重要的戰略意義。

  • 在第三單元的開始,我們做了一個口語報告。報告的主題是一部短片,叫“父與女”。短片裏講述了一對父女,因為工作的原因分開,然後就再也沒有見過面。我們需要在報告裡講述故事的經過,然後表達自己的想法。我覺得這部短片很感人。這部片子想讓大家理解爸爸和女兒之間的愛有多麼珍貴,趁還有機會的時候一定要珍惜。

    單元三,我學到了怎麼運用不同的文體,像書信的格式,電郵的格式和日記的格式。給我留下最深印象的活動是保蛋活動因為我們幾乎把一整個單 […]

  • This unit, I worked with Shine and Hin Wan to design a piece of wearable art for our fashion show on March 15th. We made wings out of cardboard, a glittery mask, a crown, and some stars using the laser cutter at […]

  • Last week, we had our second learning review of the year. During the review, I felt sort of nervous. My teacher and parents were all staring at me, waiting for me to say something, and sometimes I just don’t k […]

  • This week, the Young Americans came to our school to teach us about performing arts. This experience made a really big difference to me, because now I am actually starting to dance and sing with confidence, which […]

  • This year, we had an event called charity challenge. Me and my group helped to raise awareness about the organization Women Helping Women. We first wrote a pitch, and everyone  got to donate 20 dollars or more to […]

  • Back in October, I set a few goals to help me improve. Now, I will be looking back at the goals I set before, seeing if I’ve improved, and setting new ones. My first goal was to manage my time better, both in […]

  • 我想要分享一篇我覺得自己寫的很好的一篇閱讀報告。這篇報告的題目是描述故事裏六要素。所以,我就把我讀的著本書從新用我自己的詞語講一遍。這是我寫的報告:

    起因: 一個炎熱的夏天,桀羅尼摩和柏帝帶著他們的好朋友一起去鯨魚灣渡假。可是,現在的鯨魚灣和以前的完全不一樣 。可恨的商人在海邊的嫩綠山丘上造滿的工廠,把附近的鯨魚都趕走了。

    經過: 一天晚上,桀羅尼摩和柏帝在海灘上發現了一隻被海浪衝上岸的大白鯨。柏帝馬上去找海洋生 […]

  • Today we went to Asbury Centre and we learned about subdivided flats. Before visiting, we learned a bit about subdivided flats, and not everyone knew that much. Afterwards, we had a speaker talk about it more. […]

  • Here the link to my dance performance:

    For this project, I worked with Hilary to choreograph a dance routine. What I think I did well is that we cooperated together really well and listened to each other’s […]

  • 這個學期,我的語文在以下方面取得了一些進步。第一,我能夠更加主動學習,按時完成中文作業。第二,我的詞彙量增加了。通過閱讀文章和一些詞語練習,我的寫作也進步了一點。第三,我的中文口語表達也有所提高,在日常生活中我也會使用更加豐富的詞語。



  • Here are some areas that I can improve on. We set Smart goals because we want to measure how much we had improved by the end of the semester.  My first goal is to manage my time better. I will achieve this by:    […]

  • Flora wrote a new post, Intro to G5, on the site My CDNIS Online Portfolio 1 year ago

    Hi! My name is Flora and I am in class 5E Evil Elephants. Back in Grade 4, I have made some good friends. We all share similar hobbies and interests. One of the things I really like is drawing and reading. They […]

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