• Exhibition reflection

    The exhibition was such a fun and interesting experience and I think everyone had a lot of fun doing it. I really liked the way I worked really hard and put all of my effort in my […]

  • Hey guys, we had a fun week at school !

    We have been starting to learn more about graphs and interpreting them. The class created a survey on a google form about any topic. Also we’ve been having small […]

  • Hi readers, This week was really fun.

    We started a project about data management and we had to use all our graphs knowledge and make a product and make it into a presentation. I think I did worked on it well […]

  • When I finished my speech I think I put as much effort as I could and I’m pretty proud of myself.

    What I think my glow is that I feel like I was really organised through my persuasive writing and putting it i […]

  • Probability Reflection

    Recently, our class has been learning about probability in math class. Everyone had to do an activity where you learn more about theoretical and experimental probability. It’s when t […]

  • Hi readers !

    On Monday the class started to do the trade game. It’s when everyone gets a random card and depends on the card number like Ace to 5 you have less advantages than 6 to 10 and the queen, king and j […]

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    Goal settings

    This week Mr. Brodie told us to write our goals to work on and improve from now till Christmas break. We are supposed to have 3 goals and they have to be SMART goals.

    My first goal is to work […]

  • Hello again, another week of grade 6 !

    This week did a lot of things. It was really exciting.

    The First thing we did was we made almond brittle in the hive for our unit which was really exciting and it was […]

  • Weekly Reflection 2

    This week was the 2nd week of 6th grade. It was really interesting. First on Monday, 6D were working on our math groups to learn aboout new ways to use patterns and math in our daily life. […]

  • Weekly reflection

    This week was the first week of Grade 6. It was really fun. We did a lot of fun activities in my class to get to know each other better. The whole week we went into groups and think about how […]

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    在美国,有一个女孩叫小花。 她没有家因为她没有妈妈和爸爸。 所以她有很少的钱。

    一天小花没有食物所以她的旁边有一个中国餐厅,小花问服务员说“ 我可以吃很少的食物吗?”。 服务圆说“不可以!” 小花去一个公园。 她很害怕, 因为 […]

  • Today for our new unit we are taking apart our electrical toys to make a new one. The whole class took apart all their toys and we made a piece of paper with a parts, purpose and complexities organisation with it. […]

  • Today for Math we learnt different types of patterns and we had to use geometric squares to make different patterns. There are so many different types of patterns and my group made a growing pattern and the […]

  • Fashion Show
    On March 6 th the whole grade went to the LLAC for a special event which is The 5th grade fashion show where 5 groups in each class picks I person to be a model for the fashion show to wear the […]

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    Today Mr Roberts were teaching the class about patterns and what type of patterns there are. So we learnt that these patterns are the basic part of algebra. We did a activity by using the math materials […]

  • Amnesty Reflection
    This week Grade 5 went to the 10th floor library pit and had a guest speaker and the guest speaker came from the charity named Amnesty. The organisation helps humans through issues they have […]

  • Math Test Reflection
    2 weeks ago our class took a decimal math test to see how well we are doing in our decimals. The test gave us a few questions for estimating decimals, adding decimals and subtracting […]

  • 我的一到十


  • Pok Fu lam Village reflection
    On Tuesday, Grade 5E and 5D went to Pok Fu Lam village to observe the village’s life and the people, how they live, and what the people in Pok fu lam village don’t hav […]

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    This week the whole 5th grade went to Tai tam and went to camp. We went into teams, like team 1, 2,3,4….. One night half of the group slept in a dorm and the other half slept in the tents. Each team had a g […]

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