• Morning Research~ This morning we watched a few videos Boyant Slat and he is making a life changing invention to cleanup the oceans to rid them of there rubbish. After that we asked a few questions as a class such […]

  • I think that this unit was very fun. It was the first time this year in design that we could physically make the product. Although there were some times where I messed up(calculations), I was still able to change […]

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  • I really think your reflection is good and I think your final product was great, Good Job Sean! 🙂

  • As you can see in these photo’s we have created the cone apple easy to store and when up ended it will not fall out. The packaging is fragile and easy to bruise I left the top open when creating it so the buyer […]

  • In my recording I chose to use Scarborough Fair, I thought I did fairly well except for the end of the first line where I went a bit out of tone. In the time I warmed up I first played the Major scale then I […]

  • More Tones and Semitones

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    I really liked your video and all the camera angles but the intro was really straight to the point but I think you could build up the intro before say the bit about the education.

  • Hey guys it think your video has really good content but the background noises our drowning the speaking it out

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    For the past week we had been in Thailand and I endured many trattorias activities, I experienced many new things such as climbing a wall, Building a classroom, confidence course, Thai cooking, And many more. On the first day we did a whole day of hardworking at the school at first I was all like ” ah this sucks can we break,” But then I realised I am actually doing a good thing for the community, And if we do this the kids of the hill tribes will be able to get educated. On the second day we went to the local school {Mae Salak} and we played games with the kids I think that this was a great activity for them because they are learning something new but they do not have the facilities to do these things, It was great to see the kids enjoying themselves from a game we just made up, It also helped them learn a little bit more english. I reckon the climbing wall was my biggest fear because I am afraid of heights and making it up that hight with a little bit of help also with a stop half way threw a made to the top and came down in tears. The confidence course was a real challenge after I failed the first time because then I needed to use my creativity to find away around the obstacle I failed on last time. On day 3 we went to the school again and realising that i was doing something really help full for the community made me smile. After that we did kayaking and to learn something that i have not leaned before also learning the safety hazards of kayaking, Made my stomach tighten because i never knew that there were so many hazards.


    Day 4 is comming

  • Tin Hau Temple Yau Ma Tei (Kai, Katherine and Yubin) from KYK PRODUCTION ™ 


    What did you think of the camera angles?


    What did you thing of the main idea?

  • Overall in the theory music test I have done all right i have improved since last test I got a 3 last time and this time i got a 4 witch is a lot of improvement for me and in the playing test i think i did really […]

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    Poetry is a enjoying way of free writing sometimes expressing your self or even just having a good time or it could be about life, they are an artistic way writing that entertains the readers brain or imagionation.

    Poem s are written to have a good time  and enjoy yourself with friends or family or just strangers. people around the world have poetry slams to share with strangers and family’s and there friends. Poets travel around the world to preform their poetry to large audiences of people .People share feelings and emotions about things and thats how they wright poetry. Poets can write about anything they want its how it comes out they could write about a chicken it could be meaningful or not. Shel Siverstein wrote about a selfish child saying a prayer,  anything. Poetry is a form of have a good time free writing. Poetry can be done any where in parks on the train and on the bus. You have no topic to write about make it up as you go with alliteration and enjambment.

    What Is poetry to you?

  • This First movie that we made a is here


    Our process that we had to go through was really easy because everything was laid out  and it was really easy to understand the order of everythingso we could Know before hand what we were going to use in our movie. Things such as Mr Kaiser and Miss K. Thanks Miss K And Mr Kaiser.

  • This unit was a good unit but it was tough trying to remember the rules of composition. I also had a hard time using finale I had to get used to remembering to change the notes. In my composition i would of change […]

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    Really well produced and sounded really well. I think you have intentionally made it sad

  • The way you dropped between the notes it was to jumpy and bouncy

  • At the start you had a good beat but then in the middle you lost it it was a happy jumpy melody

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    Very slow and not much variation to it maybe you could make the long notes a little bit shorter.

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