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  • I have done several service activities through out this school year. From going to CAS week to Cambodia, to playing in charitable concerts.


    The first service activity that I participated in this school […]

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    I really liked how the piece sounds very soothing and calming. I think it matches your personality. I could see that the middle section, with the busier accompaniment, shows your inspiration of your […]

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    I really like your piece. I like how the piece is very melodic, and I could see how it was inspired by the idea of horizons. There is a good use of dynamic and articulation. As I think not much […]

  • Performance Assessment

    I think that I did pretty well in my performance assessment, but there are some areas that wasn’t done as well as I thought I would.


    I have played all the correct […]

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  • Today was the first D.E.A.D. day of the year, and we were introduced to our science design project. We learnt that it is alright to fail, but we shall never give up. We should also attack the problem from a […]

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  • Note Accuracy

    I think that my notes accuracy is quite good overall. There are sometimes where I play the notes wrong,  but since I have been playing instruments since 4 years old, I am quite familiar with reading music. However, I am not as familiar with the fingering on the oboe since I only started 2 years ago, so I make mistakes during sight readings in class. For example, in the second book that we played, there is a page where I have to both the “forked F” and “left F” in order to play smoothly. However, I am not very familiar wit playing the “left F” as I always only needed to use the “right F” and “forked F”. In those cases, I think that I should have prepared before class, so I would be able to make less mistakes in class.

    For the pieces that I played in Symphonic Winds, I practiced the difficult parts because the pieces are quite difficult. I wasn’t used to playing a long piece before last year in music camp, which is why I get quite tired in band practice in the beginning of the year.  In order to prevent my embousure from getting tied so quickly, I  practiced the pieces for Symphonic Winds around twice a week.

    In the final playing test, I played all the notes correctly, except for two notes in the middle of the piece, when the F key got stuck. I practiced for the playing test a lot more than the previous ones because the cork of my oboe was broken and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to play well with the school oboe. That helped me play the notes accurately.


    Rhythm Accuracy 

    I usually play the rhythm accurately because the rhythm in the pieces we played this ear isn’t very complicate. Although, sometimes I will make mistakes but I will be able to correct myself right away. The rhythm that I always make little mistakes on is when the tempo of the piece is slow. When the piece is slow, I would stop counting the beats myself, and eventually play the complicated rhythms wrong. That is why, in the playing tests that I did this year, I always remind myself to count the beats as I play.

    In the pieces from Wind Phil and Symphonic Winds, there are some more complicated rhythm. For example, in symphonic winds, there is a piece where the time signature changes between common time to compound duple time. In the beginning, it was quit difficult for me to get the rhythms within those bars right, but then it got easier in the end of the year.

    In the final playing test, I think that I played all the rhythm accurately because I listened and practiced Etude at home and also in the class time provided.


    Articulation Precision and Connection

    I think that my articulation precision improved quite a lot this year. In the beginning of the year, I can play the slurs and detached articulation well, but it was quite difficult for me to play staccato notes fast and not toe squeak when playing accents. Now, I am able to play all of these articulation easily due to the practiced that I got this year. In class, the music that we play has lots of slurs and detached articulation, with some staccatos and accents. These practices helped me improved a bit.

    I got the most practice from Symphonic Winds practice because there is a lot of runs, accents and staccato notes. That is why, I got a lot of practiced and now I am able to play them easily.

    In the final playing test, there is only slur and detached articulation, so I think that my articulations were premise as it wasn’t difficult.

    Unfortunately, the articulation precision on the oboe depends on the reed. Which is why, I had my oboe teacher make adjustments to my reeds. Unfortunately, I don’t take oboe lessons anymore, so I will have to buy the equipments soon and learn to adjust my reeds by myself.



    I think that I still nee to work on dynamics because the range of my dynamic isn’t very big. Sometimes, I squeak when a play too loud or soft on the oboe. I think that I improved on playing loud because it is easier but I still have to improv on playing soft. Now, when I play soft, it either squeaks or I played too soft that it doesn’t make a noise. Which is why, I think I have to practice more playing softly to increase my range of dynamics.

    Although, I think that I should increase the range of my dynamics, but I think I blend in quite well in band.

    In the final playing test, I think that I can improve on playing the dynamics according to the flow. It is because I only played the dynamics that is written on the sheet music, but I should have added more according to the flow of the melody, so it will be more musical.


    Tone Quality

    I think that my tone quality improved a lot. But, the tone quality of the oboe really depends on the reed. But, it also help when you shape your embousure correctly. My oboe teacher helped me a lot in having the correct embousure shape. I think I improved a lot with my teacher’s help. However, I stopped taking oboe lessons, so I practice tone quality by playing long notes on scales every time a practice. In class, I usually have quite good tone quality, but sometimes due to the lack of practice, it doesn’t sound as good as I used to be able to do.

    Int he final playing test, I think that I didn’t do as well as I wanted because the oboe that I used was different. It needs more air to play the lower notes and less air to play the higher notes. I wasn’t used to that, which is why I wasn’t happy with the tone I created. I think that it is more flat then how I would prefer, which is why I should have warmed up more before the playing test.



    I think that my intonation is usually quite good, but there are a few notes where the intonation is always bad. The note C5 is always flat, this is one of the notes on the oboe to get a good intonation. Then, also the “forked F’ is usually flat because it is not a note that is supposed to be used a lot. My oboe is tuned to 442, which is why I always have to loosen my embousure to make the lows flatter. But, since both the C5 and “forked F” is flatter already, I would have flatten it too much. Which is why, I have to practice these notes in order to have a better intonation in class and in band.

    In the final playing test, I think that I did quite well because the oboe that I used is tuned to 440 and my reed is also tuned to 440, which makes it easier for me to play with good intonation. It required some practice before the test in order for me to get used to the tuning but it is easier than my own oboe.


    Tempo Appropriateness

    I think that I usually have an appropriate tempo, but not when I do sight reading. As I mentioned before, I am not completely familiar with the fingerings on the oboe, so sometimes I would sight read in a slower tempo. In class, Mr. O’Toole always make us play with the metronome, and make sure we wouldn’t rush or drag when playing. That help when I play pieces, I would usually have an appropriate tempo by listening to the metronome and remembering it. I also practice with a slower tempo with the metronome, then speed up gradually, so I would be able to practice the details and get familiar with the tempo.

    In the final playing test, I listened tot he metronome before I went in to do the test, so I had the tempo in my head. Also, I practiced the night before to get familiar with tempo. I think I played with the appropriate tempo which is written on the music.


    Understanding of Theory

    I think that I learnt some theory this year. After the grade 5 theory exam that I did in Grade 2, I didn’t remember most of it. So this year, it helped me remember them and learnt more. We learnt more on composing and Jazz, which is what I didn’t know a lot before this year. I know that Mr. O’Toole is very good at Jazz, so I was very excited for this unit. I learnt that Jazz music is completely different from classical music, and I realised that it is very difficult for me to play Jazz (jazz solo) because I am use to classical music style. The Jazz solo that I arranged is very bad, and too classical like, that is why I should have done more research on Jazz. Also, since I didn’t know much about Jazz and Blues, I made quite a few mistakes in the Jazz history presentation. I think that I could have done more research and done it with more in depth research on Jazz. For the final theory exam, I think that I could have done a lot better because I did badly on the seventh chord section. I did almost all the questions before that correctly, but since I probably didn’t get enough sleep the night before, so my concentration was bad and made a lot of careless mistake o the last page of the exam. I should have studied earlier and slept earlier the night before.


    Personal Development

    I think that I developed a lot in playing the oboe. I think that I learnt a lot during Symphonic Winds because the pieces that they play are quite challenging for me and I improved due to the amount of practice that I got this year. I think that since I have been playing challenging pieces in band, I would want to catch up and be able to play the piece, so I practice more and more which helped improve quite quickly. As for theory, I think that I learnt a lot more about Jazz and I finally know that they improvise a lot during Jazz and it is completely different from classical music. Then, I think that I also learnt to compose music, where we have to write a melody and a piano accompaniment. I will be able to use the composing knowledge on my personal project because I will be arranging and composing pop music into classical style.


    IB Learner Profile 

    Risk taker

    Even though I thought I wasn’t good enough, I auditioned for Symphonic Winds. I decided to audition because I think it would help me improve in playing the oboe. Then, I got in the band and played challenging pieces. I think that I learnt a lot through this experience. There is a little solo part for oboes, I was afraid that I would mess up in the beginning and din’t want to play it, but I decided that it would be a good experience, so I volunteered to play one of the solo parts. I think to take more risks, I should play more solo parts or maybe volunteer to play the piano part in the band.


    I think that I learnt quite a lot through research this year. I learnt about Jazz and Melodic Minor scale theory through research because the assignment is to do a presentation on it. Although, I got some incorrect information on the Jazz presentation but I still learnt a lot through out the process.


    We had the chance to communicate through music by composing a piece. I think that I did quite well as it was my first time composing a whole piece with the accompaniment by myself. I think that I was able to communicate the message through the music because it is a piece about the process of climbing the mountain. Which the ABA form piece has both nice melody and dissonant notes to convey the message.Also we had to arrange Jazz solo, but I think I didn’t communicate well as I didn’t spend as much time on it as the classical piece, but since I didn’t know anything about Jazz before this assignment, i think I should have spent more time working on it to communicate.

    Open Minded

    I think that I was open minded when I listened to other’s ideas and pieces without judging them and laughing at them. I gave them valuable feedback on wordpress. Also, I am open minded in learning new information in Jazz even though I don’t really enjoy Jazz music.


    I think that through the reflections that I did through out the year in music, it helped me improve myself. I think that I can be more reflective on reflecting on more assignments because that way I would be able to learn more. Also, I could have included IB learner profile reflection on all the other reflections to show myself how to be reach more of the learner profiles. 🙂

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