• My contribution as the editor was basically combining the work of the videographer and director in order to make the movie come alive. I shape the story, through deciding what stays and what gets cut in order […]

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    I love the detail you’ve put into this post Ary! I agree with your key takeaway as I believe took away the same point. It is very important to experience failure in order to improve an idea and you demonstrated […]

  • My Key Takeaways from today was learning about the process that this project shall be achieved in. I understand how I shall successfully complete the task, using the skills we learnt today. I understand the […]

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    India was an amazing experience that opened up an entirely new culture, history and society to me that I have never before really dwelled into however always had interest in.
    Since visiting in 2012, India has […]

  • I have learnt some major skills throughout the course of this design day that shall not only benefit my work in the project, however also possibly could improve my work in future projects. For example, the Gantt […]

  • Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.02.30 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.02.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.01.12 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.00.40 PMNow is a time of reflection. Looking back at your practice diary and your assessed performance how do you judge your personal accomplishment? Did you practice as much as you were able? Did you develop at a consistent rate? Do your practice diaries show a clear reflection of this?

    My scales showed much improvement through the year however there still is a lot of improvement needed. I know I am not the best performer however to look back from the start of year I have definitely showed much progress. My practising has been dedicated and I have worked hard to improve each piece I play. One thing I wish I had done more practising throughout the year as this would have shown even more improvement, and would have had greater performances. I think I have definitely improved after Scarborough Fair as I realised that this was something I found very difficult.

    Looking at your theory work and final test how did you do?
    I’ve always found this one of the hardest things in music as I have never really understood it. However, for someone who is very confused by the subject, I was pretty proud of the results of my test. Key signatures are still a topic of improvement however this is something I feel like I am starting to get.
    Take the time to really delve into your progress and where you think you can go from here. Where can you put more effort into your music, time, recording your progress, thinking about concepts… Start a new semester with a clear goal in mind and stick to it! Written goals are more often accomplished!!!

    I would love to learn more theory throughout the course of the next few years as this could really help me when I grow up. This could benefit not only my knowledge on music and assess other pieces of music.

    You need to state on average how many days you practiced per week and your average time practiced


    You need to reflect and also state a goal for the following musical year.

    I would like to improve my theory knowledge as this shall give me the ability to learn instruments into further depth and play pieces with more detail towards each piece.

  • 1) Best Parts of the year

    In French this year I feel that I have been able to gain a huge variety of both vocab, and grammar skills that could benefit my daily use of French when needed. I also have thoroughly […]

  • My best digital piece of work this year was working on my math summative to do with interest. We worked with excel to create tables and graphs to support our evidence. I found this test really interesting to do as […]

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    Recently, with 29 other students and 3 teachers I travelled to Vietnam, for the CAS week we had. It was an eye opening experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Most of our time spent in Vietnam some how […]

  • How I did?

    Not as well as I hoped for to be completely honest. The results I got show there are improvements needed if I want to do better next year, and I am glad now that I know exactly which areas. I did put […]

  • Today I reflected on one of the repeated mistakes I made in my math test. I have difficulty with thinking about what “x” could represent when solving problems and due to this being one of the problems in the maths […]

  • In class today we talked about passion and what it is. I belive a passion is something you feel strongly about, something that you are willing to gave up free time or suffer for no matter if it does not positively […]

  • We reviewed each students melody in the past few classes and my class mates had to comment on it. I recieved many helpful comments to keep in mind next time I am trying to create a new musical piece.

    One of the […]

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    This is my final 16 bar melody. I took the comments I recieved into consideration and added more variety to my piece, hence why I used the dynamics. I think the slur and dynamics at the end bring the piece to […]

  • Funky descending motion is really nice. I like the consist use of rhythm and it gives a great repetition. You have great dynamics.

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    The song had great amount of notes however was a tiny bit confusing due to there being no repetition.There isn’t many dynamics which could’ve made it a little interesting. I like your repition of the same rhythm […]

  • Your repetition made the piece appealing to listen to due to the melody become very familiar to the listener. I like how smooth it was as it had a variety of notes and rhythms.

  • I liked your ending as it brings the piece to an end. Your dynamics weren’t clear but I loved your melody. I also liked your uses of conjuct and disjunct rhythms 🙂 good job

  • Your variety of notes brings depth to piece. I really liked the conjunct and disjunct.Your uses of crescendos/diminuendos makes the piece really interesting

  • No dynamics or tempo but your piece had many interesting melodies and rhythms.

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