• 1. The logo represents you in many ways, for example, the J representing your name and the words inside the J being things that you value or your passion/interest.

    2. Overall your logo is really good, however […]

  • This is a record to show how I am progressing with my digital literacy skills

  • Its been a while since I did a blog post but here I am again. So today’s blog post will be about my winter break, in this blog I will tell you all about my winter break. For example what I did, who I went thing […]

  • Trevis wrote a new post, Asbury Trip, on the site Trevis' Lo Blog 2 years, 6 months ago

    So on November, Friday the 24 2017, I and about 3 class in my grade went to a place in Hong Kong that people are slightly less fortunate. The reason we were there was to learn about Hong Kong {like the less […]

  • On the 24 of October 2017, me and my whole grade went to a place in Hing Kong, named Pok Fu Lam village for a field trip. The point of this field trip was to see how the people there live their lives and why they […]

  • Trevis wrote a new post, CAMP, on the site Trevis' Lo Blog 2 years, 7 months ago

    So on Wednesday, October 13, 2017, to Friday, October 15, 2017. We had this camp in Hong Kong at the taitam scout center, which lasted for three days and two nights. Since it was such an interesting experience I […]

  • Trevis wrote a new post, My Goals, on the site Trevis' Lo Blog 2 years, 7 months ago

    So every year at my school we have something called 3-way learning review. A 3-way learning review is when you have a talk with your teacher and your mum/dad or both, and you talk about what you want to improve on […]

  • So it has been a good year in G4. Sadly all good things come to an end. So today I will be writing my last G4 blog post, this post will be about everything about what happened in grade 4. There will be my […]

  • Trevis wrote a new post, SLLR, on the site Trevis' Lo Blog 3 years ago

    So on April 28, my class had to do SLLR. If you don’t know what SLLR it stands for Student Lead Learning Review. In the student-led learning review you the student can show your parents/parent what you been d […]

  • So this is my first post about Performing Arts {PA}. So in PA we are making a dance though choreographs.  Our central idea is patten can be represented though a combination of art form.So we will be making a ligh […]

  • So today {May 5 2017} we had a coding lesson. YAY!. So the last lesson we had to do tessellations. If you didn’t  know what a tessellation is. It is a picture of the same shape all over the. paper with no […]

  • So at around March{ish I think} My class we learning about angles! YAY! So I learned many angles including acute, obtuse, right, straight, full and reflex. An acute angle is when an angle is 89 degrees of less. […]

  • Trevis wrote a new post, CAMP! YAY, on the site Trevis' Lo Blog 3 years, 1 month ago

    Soooooo from March 29 to March 31  my schools’ grade 4 went camping!  I  think we went somewhere named Pui o Ya. So you might think why would my school bring a bunch of kids to camp. Well, the reason where ob […]

  • So on March 15, 2017, my class and some of the 4E. There was 5 group and I was in a group with Kelson, Lauren, and Zada. There their link for their blog.  So if you don’t know what microbead are there really real […]

  • So I think on 28 on February the grade 3 and 4 had a sports day. There was around 8 groups I think and the actives are. Dodgeball, capture the flag, long jump, long throw, and more but I forgot. So I will talk […]

  • So we learned about commercial techniques a while back but I can remember some of the of the techniques. First, we learned about puffery which is basically fake praise and saying their product is the best or […]

  • So around December, I think. My class has been learning about division strategies. So that what I’ talking about today, the division strategies. So there a lot so I’m only doing a few but here we go. Frist […]

  • So we went to see the grade 12 think I think. Anyways back to the story, we went to the grade something to watch their first basketball game of the season. The score was 45-21 if you wanted to know. What really […]

  • So if you saw my last post you could see I said something about a poster. So now I will be talking about the poster. So if you see the picture you will see that my group {James.M and Calum Bloxham check their […]

  • On January the 5 we started a new unit and it was the How our We Express Ourselves unit. The central idea is People can create messages to target and influence specific audiences. Also, the transdisciplinary […]

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