Responsible Use Agreement (RUA)

All students from Grade 5 onwards sign an agreement to signify that they understand their responsibilities to use digital technologies at CDNIS for positive learning and citizenship.

There are six parts to the agreement:

  1. Respect
    As part of a connected community of peers and adults, respect – for each other, for each other’s property, and for one’s own property and responsibilities – is a cornerstone for building a worthwhile learning community.

  2. Reputation
    Whatever is posted online can go anywhere and find anyone, so content and context needs to be carefully considered every time digital technologies are used to create, communicate or post anything. We should only share messages that will enhance the reputation of ourselves, our fellow students, our families, and our school.

  3. Rights
    In the Digital Age, with identity tied to digital connections, it is important to understand not only individual rights, but also the rights of those charged with providing safe, secure and productive learning environments for the students under their charge.

  4. Responsibilities
    Digital Age students, along with teachers, must learn and lead by positive example, in order to actively build a positive learning environment.

  5. Guidance
    The school supports exemplary practices through continual dialog, direction, and guidelines.

  6. Repercussions
    Technology use is a privilege, particularly in a 1:1 school, and everyone should contribute to a positive learning experience for all community members. Anti-social misbehavior warrants appropriate action to safeguard the rights and reputation of those adversely affected. This is no different in the digital age, and even more important when the effect of such behaviours may be amplified.