Culminating Assignment

Describe the process of this assignment.
Firstly, I recorded the sounds around the school, then, I used some plugins like bitcrusher to create different sound effects. Then, I did a screencast of all the plugins that I used and also what software instruments that I will be playing. In the screencast, I used a basketball bouncing, a piece of paper ripping, a printer printing and Madame Norbert saying “Je m’appelle Madame Norbert.” I also used “three violins”, “classic rock organ”, and “Pulsating waves to be my software instruments. Finally I added loops: 1. Hat swing beat 2. Knocking swing beat 3. Record skip disco beat 4. VIP gated synth 5. Tropical air synth chords 6. Straight up gated synth 7. Square arpeggio lead 8. Spike riff synth layers 9. Soul mate arpeggio 10. Cascading echo synth. Then I arranged all the tracks to create a song.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

Firstly, I recorded a basketball bouncing. I put in effects like bitcrusher, exciter, and an equaliser to bake it sound like a beat.I used this sound effect in the first half of the song. I also trimmed it so there is only one bounce sound instead of multiple bouncing sounds. Secondly, I recorded a piece of paper ripping. I added effects like a flanger and a bitcrusher to make it sound like a shaker and I added this effect into 2 different parts of the song. Thirdly, I recorded a printer printing and added sound effects like an exciter and flanger. I used this sound effect in the final half of the song. Finally, I recorded Madame Norbert saying “Bonjour, Je m’appelle Madame Norbert”  I used this sound as a sort of mood or effect in a part of the song.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

I learnt a lot about sound plugins and what effects they make.
I learnt new loops that I can use in my following assignment.
I learnt about how to use the equaliser to tune different volumes and the frequency range that will make my song sound very different.


What challenges did you face and overcome?

Firstly, I couldn’t think of how I could use my recordings in my song, but I eventually made it sound quite good.
Secondly, I forgot how to add effects, but after asking my classmates, I eventually remembered it.
Lastly, my song was too short and I couldn’t think of what to add into my song, so I listened to some songs online and got some inspirations from them.

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