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A couple weeks ago we had to talk about an issue in the world in front of the class. I found this a hard assessment because I am very scared to talk in front of people. I chose to do climate change. We had to make three claims that we should stop this issue. Say three things that climate change does I chose animal extinction, human health and global warming. I defiantly think this assignment helped me with getting over my fear of talking in front of people as well

My focus was climate change. I was making an argument about how not enough people are trying to stop climate change. I think climate change is a big issue right now which it is. I gave the three biggest things that climate was doing to our earth. I gave ideas on how to help stop climate in your daily life.

I think that I did not do to bad on the assessment. For my scores, I got most glows and two grows.  I think what I did best and I got a glow for, was making an effective introduction with a hook that grabs the audience’s attention and clearly states the claim. I think I got a glow on that because when I did my presentation I didn’t even go off the topic and I had three clear reasons why we should stop climate change. I also think I did good at was sustained eye contact. I think I was mostly looking and the audience and sometimes I looked down at my cue card to check what was next. I think I did good in that because I memorized the whole thing and so I could look around and make eye contact instead of reading a cue card.

An improvement I can work on that my teacher suggested was confident and determined delivery. he doesn’t think that I did that because when I forgot what to say I would usually say “umm”. I think that I can definitely fix this by just practising a little more, this will then make me more confident which will stop me from saying “umm”. Another improvement that my teacher suggested was to have a variety of persuasive words and phrases. I think I also didn’t have lots of persuasive words which I think I could fix. I don’t think that grammar is one of my specialities so I sometimes have troubles using the right words.


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