blues reflection

in PA, we had to make a blues peace about something that interests you. I and a couple of other people chose to do music and dance. our blues peace included a blues baseline,  blues lyrics sung and improvisation (physical, vocal, instrumental)

I think what went well was the xylophone because it always stayed in rhythm and it was what made it sound like a blues peace. I think what we could’ve done better is singing. I don’t think the singing was bad I think that it wasn’t loud enough and you couldn’t hear us properly because there was only one person singing and four people playing instruments. If I could do it again differently I would sing louder or add more people so not just one person is singing. I would put more xylophone so it sounds better. I think it would also sound much better if we did more of a complicated rhythm for the ukuleles.

two ATL skill I think that matched with our blues peace was respecting each other and goal setting. I believe it is respecting each other because we all communicated well and believed in each other. I believe it is goal setting because we reached our goal which made a song that you can understand and there are instruments.

making the song took a couple of weeks (each week one day off PA) but we did it step by step. we first made lyrics that fitted with blue peace rhythms. we then could choose instruments that fitted with the lyrics. that week we made the rhythm fir the instruments and then the last week we put singing and instruments together.

I think the most challenging was the ukulele because it is hard to make an easy good beat. I think we had a creative choice. I think we had a creative choice when we made the lyrics.  our lyrics were about how a little girl loved to dance and sing but then when she came to dance class she had to get sent home because she never could constraint, she went to her room and sobbed but when her sister came she told her she looked weird. I enjoyed this project because it was fun and we had responsibility.



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