These couple of weeks we have been doing different types of math but for this blog, I will talk about patterns. These patterns were about thinking outside the box. 

This is the first pattern we did, I found this a bit hard and I struggled a little but in the end, I got the answer. The formula I did was you plus two from your previous number and that to your other previous number. If I made one mistake in that I would’ve messed up everything, so there was an easy way which was ( n + 1) 2. For this problem, I also found out a different pattern which was the number times itself is the answer for the previous case.


This pattern we worked with our math buddies, me and my math buddies did find out a way for this pattern but we didn’t find out a pattern which was 8 symbols. The challenge for the pattern was to find the formula and find a formula with 8 symbols


We made another pattern but I can’t find photos of it. We recently were doing graphs and seeing how to make a graph for a pattern.

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