Ignite Talk

A couple weeks ago we had to talk about an issue in the world in front of the class. I found this a hard assessment because I am very scared to talk in front of people. I chose to do climate change. We had to make three claims that we should stop this issue. Say three things that climate change does I chose animal extinction, human health and global warming. I defiantly think this assignment helped me with getting over my fear of talking in front of people as well

My focus was climate change. I was making an argument about how not enough people are trying to stop climate change. I think climate change is a big issue right now which it is. I gave the three biggest things that climate was doing to our earth. I gave ideas on how to help stop climate in your daily life.

I think that I did not do to bad on the assessment. For my scores, I got most glows and two grows.  I think what I did best and I got a glow for, was making an effective introduction with a hook that grabs the audience’s attention and clearly states the claim. I think I got a glow on that because when I did my presentation I didn’t even go off the topic and I had three clear reasons why we should stop climate change. I also think I did good at was sustained eye contact. I think I was mostly looking and the audience and sometimes I looked down at my cue card to check what was next. I think I did good in that because I memorized the whole thing and so I could look around and make eye contact instead of reading a cue card.

An improvement I can work on that my teacher suggested was confident and determined delivery. he doesn’t think that I did that because when I forgot what to say I would usually say “umm”. I think that I can definitely fix this by just practising a little more, this will then make me more confident which will stop me from saying “umm”. Another improvement that my teacher suggested was to have a variety of persuasive words and phrases. I think I also didn’t have lots of persuasive words which I think I could fix. I don’t think that grammar is one of my specialities so I sometimes have troubles using the right words.


summary of 2019

I think so far at CDNIS has been good. I have made many new friends and I think I have fitted in nicely.

I think that I am doing good at my work and I am not falling behind in homework, but I think I could’ve done better on my map tests. I have learned much more in CDNIS than my old school. I think this has been a turm

blues reflection

in PA, we had to make a blues peace about something that interests you. I and a couple of other people chose to do music and dance. our blues peace included a blues baseline,  blues lyrics sung and improvisation (physical, vocal, instrumental)

I think what went well was the xylophone because it always stayed in rhythm and it was what made it sound like a blues peace. I think what we could’ve done better is singing. I don’t think the singing was bad I think that it wasn’t loud enough and you couldn’t hear us properly because there was only one person singing and four people playing instruments. If I could do it again differently I would sing louder or add more people so not just one person is singing. I would put more xylophone so it sounds better. I think it would also sound much better if we did more of a complicated rhythm for the ukuleles.

two ATL skill I think that matched with our blues peace was respecting each other and goal setting. I believe it is respecting each other because we all communicated well and believed in each other. I believe it is goal setting because we reached our goal which made a song that you can understand and there are instruments.

making the song took a couple of weeks (each week one day off PA) but we did it step by step. we first made lyrics that fitted with blue peace rhythms. we then could choose instruments that fitted with the lyrics. that week we made the rhythm fir the instruments and then the last week we put singing and instruments together.

I think the most challenging was the ukulele because it is hard to make an easy good beat. I think we had a creative choice. I think we had a creative choice when we made the lyrics.  our lyrics were about how a little girl loved to dance and sing but then when she came to dance class she had to get sent home because she never could constraint, she went to her room and sobbed but when her sister came she told her she looked weird. I enjoyed this project because it was fun and we had responsibility.



my not so perfect life

“my not so perfect life” is a book I have been reading. I have not finished the book yet but I really like it. “my not so perfect life” is about a girl called Katie Brenner. Katie Brenner rents a tiny room with no space for a wardrobe, has a very low paying job and the life she shares on Instagram isn’t really hers. her not so perfect life comes crashing down when her mega-successful boss Demeter fires her.  this is how far I have read.


For my expedition, I am doing it on elephants that are getting killed for ivory. I am doing this because I love elephants and if we don’t do anything about this, then elephants will soon be extinct. For my expedition my passion is photography. If I want to include photography I will either take photos of the shops in hong kong selling ivory or elephants in Africa. I think that I am going to do this for my exhibition ass well 

science experiment


For my science inquiry, I am working with Pippa and  Nisha. For our experiment we are doing baking, we are finding out how much of an impact sugar is on cupcakes for this experiment we are using four different types of sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar and caster sugar. We are using the same experiment for each batch of cupcake mix.

Our hypothesis is, the powdered sugar will be crumbly and light. The brown sugar will be crunchie and more cooked. The white sugar will be a fluffy cupcake and the caster sugar will be a fine cupcake. caster sugar is very similar to the white sugar so there is a possibility that they will taste the same.

We are doing this experiment at school, me, Pippa and Nisha are all equally splitting the recipe so we can bring them to school.when the experiment is done we will reflect on what our hypothesis was.


  1. Caster sugar
  2. Butter
  3. Self-raising flour
  4. Baking powder 
  5. Eggs
  6. White sugar
  7. Brown sugar 
  8. Powdered sugar




Science blog

This week we did a science experiment called the egg suck, the egg suck was a really fun experiment and we learnt about the pressure of heat. For the science experiment, we had to fill out a sheet that looks like this 

We had to fill out the question. Hypothesis, experiment( steps and observation), result, conclusion and further observations and new questions. 



The egg suck was an experiment about if heat could fit an egg throw a beaker, this experiment actually had two experiments one was seeing if hot water could slip an egg throw a beaker and the second experiment was seeing if fire could get an egg to slip throw a beaker. 



What I saw was when we poured the hot water we then put the egg on top of the beaker, when we were watching it, it started to slip throw the beaker after a while we got bored and pulled of the beaker and poured more hot water. I think if we didn’t fiddle with the egg and we left it, it would’ve slipped in. for the fire egg suck, we tried different things the first time we used paper and lit it on fire which didn’t work because it didn’t stay on fire so we tried that a couple times then since it wasn’t working we used a match. The match did work but since the beaker was very small the egg broke when it was going throw the beaker.       



  1. Get a beaker 
  2. Peel an egg
  3. Put water in a kettle 
  4. Pour the water in the beaker
  5. Put the egg on top
  6. Watch what happens 
  8. Repeat but with fire 
  9. Get a beaker 
  10. Peel an egg
  11. Get a match 
  12. Put it on fire 
  13. Throw the match in the beaker 
  14. Put the egg on top
  15. Watch