Project Genesis – Crit C Proposal

What is the goal for your assignment? 
My goal for this assignment is to create a mashup with 4 or more songs, using GarageBand, that is 2 minutes long and sounds like only one song. I want to use songs that blend well together and sound like they are one song. I will use volume, similar words, loops/extra sounds, drums/beats etc to make the song sound blended in.


Why this project? 

I chose this project because since we have been focusing on GarageBand this unit, I want to improve on my GarageBand skills even more. I know how to use the features of GarageBand, so I want to see what I can achieve using those skills. I am also interested in mashups and I think they sound really cool because people think of the most unique similarities in beats and words of two songs and turn them into a mashup that sounds like a whole new song altogether.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.
The steps for me to achieve my goal are: – Watch videos so I can prepare myself and learn more for making a mashup. – Find 4 songs that would go together. I will have to listen to many artists and genres to decide. – Start working on the mashup. – If needed, change one of the songs if it doesn’t fit in. – Use many features of GarageBand to blend the songs. – Finish it up. – Reflect on my product. Think of the things I did well and what I can improve on.


What do you hope to learn? 
I hope to learn what kinds of songs and beats go together, taking into consideration what the rhythm is and what the words are. By the end of the unit, I want to know what are the necessary elements of a mashup and what details I have to get right. I also hope to learn some new features of GarageBand.


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? 
The criteria I will use to self assess the success of my product is how well I can make the songs blend in, sound like one song, and if I have all different elements like loops, drums, beats, similar wording & tune, and if there are 4 or more songs. If I manage to have all these elements and make it all go together, I will know that I have been successful in my work because it will be a perfect mashup with all its necessary features.

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