Culminating assignment product

Describe the process of the assignment.

In this assignment, we had to find four different sounds from the school and include them in a song. One of them had to be a teacher, that was not Mr. O’Toole, speaking. There were two parts to the assignment. The first was doing a screencast. In the screencast, you had to record your voice explaining each sound and telling what plug-ins you used to edit the sound. We had to use the plug-ins to distort the music enough so that you can’t recognize it anymore. The screencast could be a maximum of two minutes long. In the second part, we had to use the edited sounds and apply them into a song. Along with the four sounds, five in my case, we had to have two software instruments, at least four loops, a drum track and it has to be at least two minutes long. The software instruments I used were two types of guitar, and I used over five loops. The process of this assignment was spread over 2-3 weeks.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product.

I chose to have five sounds and they were a pencil writing, kids shouting in the gym while playing dodgeball, a teacher saying ‘I like pe’, the shower running in the changing rooms, and the hand dryer in the bathroom. I played all of them two times in the song, other than the pencil, which I played three times. The plugins changed their sounds completely and made them sound either softer or louder, and made them sound distorted. At the end, they were very useful to my final product because without them, the song would be incomplete. My song was upbeat and was a mix of rock, drums, guitar and pop-sort of sounds. While it had many loops and drum sounds, they were all sounds that were part of the background. They were the sounds that enhanced and added tune to the edited sounds from school. But without the edited sounds, the rest of the song would be empty and with random loops here and there. The edited sounds gave meaning to the song.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

I learned a lot of new skills during this unit. Before this, I was not strong at using Garageband and could only add loops and record sounds. This unit required us to use a lot of features of Garageband and therefore, I had to watch videos and explore Garageband to figure it out. The new skills I acquired were using plug-ins, playing software instruments, and making everything fit in as a song. In the terminology assignment, we had to research 18 different plug-ins that are in Garageband and with that assignment, I learned what the different plug-ins are and using videos, I learned how to find and apply them on Garageband. It was pretty cool seeing how those plug-ins play in and work rather than just knowing what they do. Even though we did a software instrument assignment, I still learned more in this unit. I changed the octave and tested out different types of instruments like harps, drums, and guitars. I also learned how to use loops and software instruments to make sounds that normally sound noisy, sound a part of a song.

What challenges did you face and overcome?

It was a challenge for me, because in my old school, I didn’t use Garageband much and only knew a few basic things. Even after formatives, this is the assignment where I had to use all the features I had heard about so far and actually use them. It was particularly hard to find the different plug-ins and decide which ones to use, but through videos, I figured out which ones were best for turning the sounds into what I wanted. It was also heard making the sounds sound like one song, because they were all so different. I still find this heard and I am not sure if I did that well, but I tried my best to use the loops and drum to make it all blend in. The last challenge I had was making it not sound repetitive, but not completely random at the same time. I repeated the sounds once so it wasn’t random, but I had different loops each time so it was different.

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