Weekly reflection

This week was pretty interesting, we did a lot of cool things. On Monday we did an experiment where you could see how the temperature of water affected the speed of food colouring when it was added in the different cups of water. We observed the changes every 10 minutes to see how fast or/and slow the food colouring would mix into the water. At first, the hot water and room temperature water were mixing together with the food colouring  very quickly, but the cold water finished mixing only 10 minutes after ! the hot and room temperature water sank to the bottom first, then started swirling around the cup. The food colouring in the cold water dropped down in little dots then started to swirl around the cup too. It was a very interesting experiment. On Tuesday we had international library day and learned a lot about different countries and the inventions they made. We went to 14 places and learned a lot about each country. It was very fun and you could learn a lot ! On Wednesday, i went to Jennifer’s house and we did an experiment on cookies. We wanted to know how the temperature of the oven affected the result of the cookie. We baked all of the cookies for the same amount of time, but one of them was 160, one was 180 and the last was 200°C. It was very fun and tasty.

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