Music summative

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
Firstly, I did the proposal, secondly, I answered the questions on the research, thirdly I chose what I was going to do which took some time as it was hard to decide, fourthly I searched online for some ideas of beats to make my song more interesting, then I searched beats on garage band, I then united garage band beats together and edited them to make them more interesting for Mr. O’Toole to listen and like, then I found a conclusion to make a good ending as last time my ending was pretty trash. I then reviewed my entire song to check for mistakes. I showed Mr. O’Toole and he told me some feedback such as editing more that I then used to improve my song.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… *
My music was about 1min55 which is around 2 min so it made the criterion, I had 20 loops in total in my song which passed 15 by far, the beats were solid and went together which was my goal as last time, the beats weren’t solid and didn’t go well together. As a result, my music was much better than the previous one which was pretty bad.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
The new skills I acquired were how to edit properly and well to not just to say: ‘ah, Mr. O’Toole I edited, are you proud of me” I also learned how to synchronize beats together to make them fire, enjoyable and fun to listen to. I also learned how to go on the internet and search for beats to add to my garage band EDM and to search for some bright ideas.


What challenges did you face and overcome? *
The challenges I faced and overcome are how to concentrate in class. I overcame this challenge by not talking to anyone. I also ignored the other people that were trying to distract me by ignoring them too. Another challenge that I faced and overcame is how to go over my song and try to improve it by going over the misplaced beat and putting them on time.

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