Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In Performing Arts we studied the Blues, after several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own blues piece through a worksheet. 

In our blues piece, we had a blues base line, blues handwritten, homemade lyrics and a voice improvisation. Our three main chords that Hana played on the high xylophone were G, c and D, and on the low xylophone I played were B-F, E-Bflat and Fsharp-C.

Overall I think that we managed our time quite well during the making of the song, but i suggest that next time Justine, should sing louder and we should smile more during the performance. If we were to do it again I think I would’ve changed one role to adding another instrument, like maracas or a ding thingy. The part I found the most challenging was putting everything together. It required a lot of coordination between me, Hana and Justine.

Special thanks to Hana, Justine and Ms Benusa for helping me create this piece.


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