Young Americans

I am new at CDNIS so it was my first time with the Young Americans, and they are awesome!!!!!!

I hosted two Young Americans at my house and they were amazing. They always smile and help you whenever you need. It was such a great experience hosting them and having them for two whole days!

The show we did together was awesome. It helped me step out of my comfort zone and try new things, like a singing solo. They were awesome, fantastic, nice, kind, helpful, talented and encouraging. They were all really good at dancing, teaching and singing.

I was really sad when they left because I got really attached to them!

Special thanks to Naomi, Momo, Elliot, Celeste and Cullen


Reflections and 2020

Last year was a good year for me. I had fun and I knew there were a lot of people that loved me. Last year was my last year in Abu Dhabi. I moved to Hong Kong in August to a new house, country and school.

There are a lot of things that I am looking forwards to in 2020. First the Young Americans! I am going to be hosting two Young Americans in my house!!!!!!!  Then there is camp!!!! I was exited about camp in 2019 but it got cancelled. I am also exited for the school play that I am in. This is basically my first year in CDNIS so I am exited about everything!!!!


Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In Performing Arts we studied the Blues, after several weeks of exploration, we wrote our own blues piece through a worksheet

In our blues piece, we had a blues base line, blues handwritten, homemade lyrics and a voice improvisation. Our three main chords that Hana played on the high xylophone were G, c and D, and on the low xylophone I played were B-F, E-Bflat and Fsharp-C.

Overall I think that we managed our time quite well during the making of the song, but i suggest that next time Justine, should sing louder and we should smile more during the performance. If we were to do it again I think I would’ve changed one role to adding another instrument, like maracas or a ding thingy. The part I found the most challenging was putting everything together. It required a lot of coordination between me, Hana and Justine.

Special thanks to Hana, Justine and Ms Benusa for helping me create this piece.


another other goal… :)

Hey guys! I’m posting another goal today!!!  It will be about another of my goals 4 this year !!!!

One of my goal this year is to improve my chinese and learn more chinese than I already know now. I will know when I have achieved my goal because I will have a good grade at the end of the year.

I think my goal is reasonable and I will achieve it by listening to my chinese teacher and practicing my chinese at home.I think that my goal is relevant to my learning because chinese is one of my lessons at school and I want to be good at it.

I hope to reach my goal by the end of this year or next year.



Another Goal

This blog post will be about another goal.

My goal is to learn more about the IB program and how it works. Why people do it and  how can it help us learn and study.

I will know when I am finished because I will know more about the IB program than I already know now. I will achieve my goal by doing some research about the IB program and doing interviews on my friends.

I think that my goal is relevant to grade 6 because this year we are doing the pyp exhibition and I want to learn moreI hope to reach my goal for next year.


PYPX Proposal

This blog post will be about the planning for my PYPX Proposal.

My PYPX Proposal will be about how animals can affect human life and what they can do to affect human life. I really hope to be accepted by the judge.

I have been working on my proposal for 2 weeks now and I am fully prepared for the judge. Although I am a bit freaked out I will try my best and just hope to be accepted!!!



My Goal

This blog post is gonna be based on my 2019-2020 goal outside of school, I hope you enjoy it!!!

My goal outside school is to be able to play piano very well at the end of the year. i hope to play beautiful piano song and be able to play very fast. I know when I will achieve my goal because i will be able to play very well, fast and beautiful piano pieces.

I believe that my goal is quite reasonable and achievable. I will achieve it by taking piano lessons and practicing my piano at least 10 minutes a day, 7 days a week. I will use my piano book, youtube and my piano teacher as resources for my goal.

I think that my goal is relevant to my learning in grade 6 because it makes me practice my time management and my concentration. Those are both some ATL skills that i wish to master by the end of the year.

I hope to reach my goal by the end of the year. But it would be amazing if I could finish it before it’s due date.


40 Book Challenge

This blog post will be about the 40 book challenge in 6Emailling Emus

the 40 book challenge is a challenge that my teacher set to the whole class. I finished the 40 book challenge a couple of weeks ago and I was the 2nd to finish it. I was really relived that I had finish it.I enjoy reading books so much!!!! They just teleports me to a new world! I hope you feel the same about books as I do!!!!  And that you enjoy the 40 books challenge!!