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Hello reader!

This is Joon and over the past, we were working on our logo and finally finished it. Please look at my logo and give me feedback by answering my questions.                                                                                                                                                                                           








What do you think about my color scheme?

How does this logo represent me?

What logo design principles did I use in my logo?

What do you not like about my logo?

How can I improve my logo?


8 thoughts on “My Logo Design”

  1. I think your colour scheme should be darker as the background is white. This logo represents you because it has your name. I think you applied the skill timeless because you didn’t put anything trendy or not up to date. I think that the ball rolling down the stairs looks like you’re falling since the three lines beside the ball seems like it is moving downwards.

  2. I liked how you used different textures of brushes to create your logo. I also think your colour scheme is nice because you used colours that stand out against each other. I’s also very timeless and won’t grow out of date. Though you could add a little background colour. It kind of looks like the ball is falling down the stairs and your goal is to reach the top. Overall it’s pretty good 🙂

  3. i like how you shaded the ping pong ball so that it looks more realistic. i also think that the yellow blue and white goes really well together and matches your personality. it represents you well because one of your hobbies is ping pong. your logo is also appropriate and versatile. next time i would clean up the outline and the lines so that it’s neater.
    good job:D

  4. Hi Joon, I am Jessie. I think your color choices are pretty good it really does stand out. But I think you could make your logo a bit clear on what you are saying because it will help all the readers (?) and tell more about you. Right now what I think of you when I see the logo is just that you are thinking higher and developing. If that is what you meant then good job but if you want others to know a bit more, better add more stuff! Great job~

  5. 1.good but u shoud add a background inside the triangle
    2. im not sure but i think that it represents u as a ball falling down the stairs: figuring out things step by step
    3.versatile, appropriate, simple
    4.The font for the Joon, change it, make a cooler one
    5.add a background, change the font, and make the triangle bigger(the outline)

  6. I like how you shaded the ball and your name. I think it makes the logo have a 3D effect. I also like that you used different brushes/styles for the stairs and triangle. Your name is creatively written and is clear and legible. The colour scheme is also very bold and contrasting, as you have used yellow (bright) and blue (calm). One thing you can improve on is maybe cleaning up the lines (the part where the J and arrow connects)? Overall, I really like your logo 🙂

  7. I think your colour scheme works really nicely and at the same time simple.
    I think the ball that keeps falling down the stairs represents your active behaviour.
    Your logo could be more detailed in a good way( not too complicated. )
    Add more colours and other designs.

  8. I feel like that this logo represents you by how you are an energetic and fun person. I really like the colour choice that you used and how you used it.

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