Plastic-Free Seas is an organization dedicated to cleaning up Hong Kong beaches and increasing awareness of this problem. They want more people to help with beach cleanups or having better habits in general. They also want to educate kids about the problem and get them to take action.

Most plastics that get cleaned up are visible to the naked eye. The problem is that there are also massive quantities of  micro-plastics. This is dangerous for humans since fish eat micro-plastics and humans eat fish. The people at Plastic-Free Seas care a lot about the ecosystem in Hong Kong.

It is clear that they want the pollution to not get any worse. Microplastics are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. Thus, fish being eaten by humans that have micro-plastics in them may look healthy but it is not. Little do they know that they are eating plastics.

Plastic-Free Seas are passionate people who want to spread the word about saving the seas and making them plastic free. The challenge is that they may not get their message across to others who are too lazy to help out the ecosystem. You can help be participating in one of their beach cleanups.