My Goals for this Year

Throughout the year, there will be goals I will be focusing on.  Here are my goals.

Firstly, I want to improve my time management.  This means I must plan out my timetable so that I hand in assignments on time.

Second, I have to make sure I understand 100% what the teacher is asking me to do so that I don’t do the wrong homework or hand assignments in late.

These are my goals.

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Here, you’ll find all the things I do in the year. Enjoy!

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Blues PA Reflection

Last week, in PA, we had to develop a piece of music to perform to the whole class. Blues is a very expressive style of music that shows your feelings and emotion in rhyme and song. I think our blues piece could have been better because we messed up a little and did not have many emotions in it. We all definitely tried the best we could do. Everything can be better with practice (which we didn’t do much) so we have to find time to practice more next time. We didn’t have a chorus nor did we have improv. We did not set any goals which is also bad. In fact, we didn’t use the ATL skills much but we still we tried our best.

Overall, we could have done better with everything, even at our best. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

Here is the link:

⚠️Warning! Wear headphones if you are in class!

Plastic Free Seas


Plastic-Free Seas is an organization dedicated to cleaning up Hong Kong beaches and increasing awareness of this problem. They want more people to help with beach cleanups or having better habits in general. They also want to educate kids about the problem and get them to take action.

Most plastics that get cleaned up are visible to the naked eye. The problem is that there are also massive quantities of  micro-plastics. This is dangerous for humans since fish eat micro-plastics and humans eat fish. The people at Plastic-Free Seas care a lot about the ecosystem in Hong Kong.

It is clear that they want the pollution to not get any worse. Microplastics are so small they are invisible to the naked eye. Thus, fish being eaten by humans that have micro-plastics in them may look healthy but it is not. Little do they know that they are eating plastics.

Plastic-Free Seas are passionate people who want to spread the word about saving the seas and making them plastic free. The challenge is that they may not get their message across to others who are too lazy to help out the ecosystem. You can help be participating in one of their beach cleanups.

Exhibition PROGRESS UPDATE(1):

Recently, I was approved by Ms. Zoe to start researching. My topic is “Coding and game design”. I envision making my RPG  (Role Playing Game) that everyone can sample and describe the making of it. I want to have a big signboard with explanations of famous games. I think this will be a big hit for people because I will be showing them things they never knew about some classic games.

Math Patterns

This week when we did patterns I think I understand what it is but I think I can do it quite good in finding the formula but there is always room for improvement. I will work on doing it better so that I can do it easily. Right now I can do it quite well. I can understand patterns well. Here is an example of a pattern.


Egg Suck

Last Wednesday, 6C did an experiment called the Egg Suck (a.k.a. The Fire/Water – Type Pidgey experiment). In this experiment, we tried to make an egg go into a flask. Flask A had boiled water in it and B had a match in it on fire. The B specimen worked because the heat was higher so it worked faster. It was super interesting and hooking.

Science Rotations


In week 2, there was a weeklong science rotation activity, where there were different activities to go to from Monday to Thursday. My first activity was called “What’s the Matter with Matter?” where we got to research about Matter on the web. I learned a lot about different states of matter, especially Plasma. 


The next activity was sun printing. In this activity, we got to do a type of blueprinting: Sun printing. First, when you open the package, you must work fast, because when it is exposed to sunlight, it immediately starts developing. You have to put what you want to be printing by putting it on the blue piece of paper. Next, you have to leave it somewhere sunny and when the paper gets lighter, put it in water so it stops developing. This was super cool for me because it was the first time I did it.


My final one was a science experiment where we made foam in a test tube with baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate(NaHCO3), citric acid (C6H8O7) and detergent. This is the order we did it in with diagrams. The more baking soda you put in, the bigger the reaction and the bigger the reaction, the more foam comes out. At 3 level spoons, the cylinder overflowed! The foam smelled like soap. This experiment was very cool for me and I enjoyed it.


Overall, I think the whole rotations where all interesting and I was really hooked every second.


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