“Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection”

In performing arts, we studied the blues. After we got use to it, we made a performance and filled out a work sheet using the blues pattern.

The process for planning and making this project was planning out the lyrics, then sorting out the roles, mixing up the blues music with the lyrics so it sounded good, then just practiced, practiced and finally, performed!

I think our cooperation between each other went well, because we helped each other on things we found challenging, and together we over came certain obstacles easily! Although I think our ending could have been better, because it didn’t really feel like an ending. We could have made it more clear. By perhaps using a different instrument?

However, over all I very much enjoyed planning and doing this project because, it was such a fun experience making up funny lyrics, and blues music with my friends! Thank you Ms Benusa, and Ms Butler!

By: Hana Wraight

Performance: Bettina, Justine and me


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