reflection on progress report

By looking at my progress report, I think I should work on my math a bit more. As much as it is my least favourite subject, I should work harder in certain areas to improve it. I should look carefully on the comments so that I can know more detailey what specific area I need to focus on learning and studying at.

I think I should also work on my Chinese too. It’s my 3rd language so I’m not really used to it. But I should listen to the comments and descriptions for it and personally study in the areas I can improve in at home.

Overall, I think my progress report has been very helpful. Now that I know what I am good at and, things that I could improve at, I can know what specific things to work on more!

Hope next year, I will improve in the areas I need to study and get a better grade in them! 🙂


#Awesome Young Americans!!!

this year was my first year in CDNIS. So it was my first time experiencing the Young Americans!!! At first, I was like “I don’t like dancing that much….” “uh I’m not gonna do good.” but then it turned out to be more than just dancing and singing. The fact that these super passionate adults come all the way from the USA to where we are (hong kong) and help us make an epic performance and get to perform with them was so much fun. The concert went lovely all thanks to the Young Americans. I even had a favourite YA!! Her name was Maggie. It was so sad when they had to leave. It was such a shame that we only had them for 2 days. So when Maggie was about to leave, I gave her a card I wrote to her and she gave me her signature and her Instagram number!!!!! (YAY!!!!) I hope one day I’ll get to meet them again!!!


self reflection 2019 & 2020!!!

2019 has been a very exciting and meaningful year for me. I came to this school in August so…  it’s been a few months and I’m loving it!! I settled in nicely and made new friends that cared for me and even made a best friend called Bettina! I also got a better idea about the whole ib system which I had no idea about when I first came in.

And this year… 2020! It feels so fast. This epic year, I would like to work towards designing clothing, exploring more into my passion, working on subjects I can improve and just spending time with my family I guess. 2019 was such a lovely year and I hope 2020 will be too. Thank you to all the people who helped me in 2019 like my friends and Ms Cheung! And happy new year everyone!!!!!!



“Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection”

In performing arts, we studied the blues. After we got use to it, we made a performance and filled out a work sheet using the blues pattern.

The process for planning and making this project was planning out the lyrics, then sorting out the roles, mixing up the blues music with the lyrics so it sounded good, then just practiced, practiced and finally, performed!

I think our cooperation between each other went well, because we helped each other on things we found challenging, and together we over came certain obstacles easily! Although I think our ending could have been better, because it didn’t really feel like an ending. We could have made it more clear. By perhaps using a different instrument?

However, over all I very much enjoyed planning and doing this project because, it was such a fun experience making up funny lyrics, and blues music with my friends! Thank you Ms Benusa, and Ms Butler!

By: Hana Wraight

Performance: Bettina, Justine and me


#PYPX proposal

  this post is about my upcoming PYPX proposal.  i am doing it on Tuesday. Hopefully I will get approved! (fingers crossed!) Right now I was just in the middle of revising my final proposal planner. I am quite nervous, but at the same time excited! If I don’t get approved, it’s ok! It just means that I need a little more understanding and preparation. At first, i thought that I had a lot of time to prep for the PYPX . However now, if i look back, It’s not much time. Instead of delaying everything till the last minute, I thought about starting now. That way, I could get a better result! I hope I get approved in my proposal and further more, in my PYP!


Since I’m new to this school and also the IB program, I want to learn more about it. I already had a few lessons about it however I want to know more!

I learned about the learner profile, trans disciplinary theme and the concepts. the learner profile contains skills we should develop. Such as inquirers, communicators, Risk -takers and many more. I think I should improve on being a risk taker, stepping out of my comfort zone. I think these learner profiles can be very helpful to me throughout my learning.

the concepts explains a variety of concepts like form, function, connection, change…. these help me a lot in preparing my PYPX proposal and I think it would help me in my actual PYPX too!

the trans disciplinary theme is who we are, how the world works, where we are in place and time….. These themes help me understand the whole thing more clearly.

I hope I get to know more about the IB system by the end of this year!;)