Sounds of CDNIS Culminating Assignment

Sounds of CDNIS – Criteria D 2019/20

Describe the process of this assignment. 
I went around CDNIS to get 4 CDNIS sounds including a teacher sound. I used duplicated those sounds and edited the duplicated sounds with plugins and made it shorter to fit the maximum 2 minute rule for a plugin evidenced screencast to explain what I did to edit the sounds. This also included me showing what melodic software instruments I’m gonna use in my assignment. After handing in the screencast, I began to make my assignment by cutting bits of it I like and using it in my assignment, adding loops and adding a guitar track. Before handing it in I kept listening to it over and over again to make sure everything fits together.
Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. 
My first sound is keyboard typing, the plugins I have used to edit this sound are Noise Gate, Echo and Phaser. My second sound is knocking on a wall, I used the plugins PlatinumVerb, Bit crusher and Chorus. My third sound is walking up stairs, I have used Overdrive, Gain and Echo plugins. My last sound is a teacher vocal , Ensemble, Limiter and SilverVerb plugins were used to edit this sound. Keyboard typing was used in part of my product as a base to connect all the sounds, knocking on a wall made my end product bit more interesting and changed the overall sound of it. Walking up stairs connected one of my sound to another, the teacher vocal made my product less of a computer creation by adding a hint of a human voice. In conclusion, all my CDNIS sounds were essential for my end product.
Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 
I have learned how to make sounds edited with plugins sound better, because when I started doing that, it sounded really bad and then I saw the screencast example on google classroom and that taught me what to do with plugins. When I first used GarageBand, it was my first time using it because this is my first year in CDNIS, I found it really confusing to follow instructions because of that and most people understood what to do since they’ve done these types of thing before. When I handed my assignment in, I listened to other people’s assignments on the student blog post and I started to figure out what it’s suppose to sound like and that helped me understand more about what I’m suppose to do.
What challenges did you face and overcome? 
In the Sounds of CDNIS assignment, I needed 4 sounds that included a teacher vocal. I went around school and collected lots of school sounds, but I didn’t save a lot of time to collect a teacher vocal and I couldn’t find any teachers so I went to my homeroom teacher and luckily for me Mr. Holtet was there. I explained to him about my assignment and he let me record him, but I didn’t think about a phrase to let him say and Mr. Holtet asked “Does a cough count?” I said “I think so” and recorded him coughing. When I was editing my sounds for the screencast, I realised I needed a teacher vocal and a cough was not a teacher vocal. I panicked because the screencast was due in two days and I didn’t know what to do so I decided to ask a teacher for a teacher vocal on the next day. On next day at school, I asked my French teacher Madame Nobert to say the phrase “Please come in” and she agreed. I faced and overcame the challenge of not having a teacher vocal a few days before the deadline. Another challenge I faced and overcame was that I couldn’t find the button for plugins and I spent a long time searching for it on GarageBand and on the internet and finally found a youtube video that showed me where it is.

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