Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

Hi everyone! This week, I’m sharing with you about how Abby, Annie, Amila and I worked through the Blues project.

In the first lesson, we fought over the lyrics. I told them not to say “I failed the math/Chinese test.” because the sentence is very negative. However, they got more votes on saying “I failed the math/Chinese test.” Therefore, we had a time of silence.

In the second lesson, we knew we had to record on that day. However, Amila was sick. We agreed to play alto xylophone and bass xylophone together for like a match to have a better sound. And when we knew she was sick, I had to play the bass xylophone instead. Annie wasn’t familiar with the cords, Abby wasn’t sure when to beat the drum and I wasn’t sure how I should play the xylophone to match the song. Therefore, it was a kind of mess in the first 10 minutes. However, I motivated our teammates to try the song together no matter if we’re right or wrong and we still have to go on. In the end, we got 2 practice before filming the actual video. I think that’s actually better than no practice.

In the filming time, we accidentally sang the wrong chorus and we quickly changed it, so I think it is a good improvisation. And at the end of the video, we weren’t together in the ending note, so I think we could have done better with more practice. And overall in the filming, I think it is good because all of us were nervous and we tried our best.


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