Hi everyone. This week I’m sharing one of my homelearning with you. It’s about water (in the HTWW column; brainpop). I drew a mindmap of it, too.

Do you think water is important? I think it’s very important because all life on earth depends on water some form or another,  water fills 65% of our body weight and it’s the main ingredient of our blood. 

What types of water do you know about? I know (it’s only what I know, might not be all types) there are fresh water, tap water, salt water, hard water and soft water. Hard water? Soft water? I know you might not know what they are, so I prepared an explanation below:

Hard water: Reacts strangely to soap, making a weird scum that’s hard to rinse off. It has calcium, magnesium and other metals dissolve into it.

Soft water: Lower lacking in the same minerals as hard water.

Do you know what makes up water? Hydrogen and oxygen. That explains why water is called H20( 2 Hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule).  And please don’t try to make water as it must need to be through chemical change in order to produce water. You can’t randomly put in some chemical and say you produced water.

This is the end of my post .Thank you for seeing!

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