Proposal Reflection

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about how my proposal is going.

This Monday(4-11-2019) I did my proposal with Miss Pan. My proposal is about music. Miss Pan told me she loves music 🎵 🎶 🎷 🎹 🎺 🎻 🎼 too!

I think I did quite well since this is my first try and I tried my best and got some good feedbacks. I feel like I can do better after this talk. If I could do it again, I going to improve on my focus (more) detail.

Although I wasn’t approved, I found Miss Pan’s feedbacks and ideas very useful and I want to thank her for this again.

How is your proposal going? Have you been approved yet? Wish you luck!

My Learning Goal This Year 2019-2020

Hi everyone ! Today , I’m going to talk about my learning goals for this year (I have two).

My first learning goal is improving my mix operations of decimal and mix operation of fraction. I think this goal is reasonable and I will do some more exercise to achieve it. And I can do a few exercise to proof that I am able to reach my goals(Like at least 99% right) . I think my goal is relevant to my Grade 6 learning because we will do mix operation in class (Math).I want to achieve it by December break. (Actually, before break is much more better).

My second learning goal is improving my time management skills and self motivation skills. I think my goal is reasonable and I will achieve it by carrying it out starting by today. I will find myself managing time better as I won’t be clumsy with my schedule and work anymore. And I will find myself motivated my nothing but still do my job willingly. I think my goal is relevant to my Grade 6 learning because we have independent time/days which we will have to organise our schedule ourselves and doing our job on time. I want to reach my goal before graduating in Grade 6.

Now, I told you my learning goals, what are your learning goals for this year? Please tell me!

My first HTWW experiment (by my own)

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to tell you about my first HTWW experiment.

I did “How much sugar and salt can be dissolved into water ?” for my experiment. I did my hypothesis/prediction as: I think more salt can be dissolved into the water than sugar.And in case you want to try this experiment , I’ll tell you about it:

1. Pour 100mL of water into both of the cups(1 for salt and 1 for sugar).

2. Put 15mL/g of sugar into one of the cups.

3. Put 15mL/g of salt into another cup.

4. Do it again if all salt and sugar are dissolved into the water.

5. And after an amount of sugar and salt added into the water, some might not be dissolved, when some salt or sugar can’t be dissolved , stop adding and write down the result.

6.Compare results.

Guess how it turns out!

It turns out that the water can dissolve more sugar than salt! The experiment result is like this:


1st time 2nd time 3rd time 4th time 5th time 6th time 7th time 8th time Total

(15 mL /g each time)

ok Could




(15 mL /g each time)

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok +10 mL 115mL/g

After I done this experiment, I felt quite amazed by the result as 115mL/g of sugar can be dissolved and less than 30mL/g of salt can be dissolved into water, the contrast is so big. And I am a bit upset because my hypothesis was totally a reverse — 100% wrong.

I learned that more sugar can be dissolved into water than salt. I wonder what it would be if I changed water to milk.

But anyways , I have a great time in the experiment. How about you?


Hi everyone. This week I’m sharing one of my homelearning with you. It’s about water (in the HTWW column; brainpop). I drew a mindmap of it, too.

Do you think water is important? I think it’s very important because all life on earth depends on water some form or another,  water fills 65% of our body weight and it’s the main ingredient of our blood. 

What types of water do you know about? I know (it’s only what I know, might not be all types) there are fresh water, tap water, salt water, hard water and soft water. Hard water? Soft water? I know you might not know what they are, so I prepared an explanation below:

Hard water: Reacts strangely to soap, making a weird scum that’s hard to rinse off. It has calcium, magnesium and other metals dissolve into it.

Soft water: Lower lacking in the same minerals as hard water.

Do you know what makes up water? Hydrogen and oxygen. That explains why water is called H20( 2 Hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule).  And please don’t try to make water as it must need to be through chemical change in order to produce water. You can’t randomly put in some chemical and say you produced water.

This is the end of my post .Thank you for seeing!

How The World Works post

Hi everyone! This is my third week of school and we did two very interesting scientific: the lava lamp and the egg experiment. I like the lava lamp more, so I’ll talk about it in this post.

The lava lamp is made with oil, water, food colouring and the alka seltzer tablet. The following will be the instructions:

Step 1: Add 2/3 cup of water to the clear plastic cup.                                                 Step 2: Add some water to the cup.                                                                                Step 3: Add some food colouring.                                                                                    Step 4: Add the whole alka seltzer tablet.                                                                    Step 5: OBSERVE!

That was the procedure above . And now, I’ll tell you why I like this experiment: In the oil when you put the tablet in, inside forms a ‘volcano’ and the water with the food colouring are like the ‘lava’ busting out of the volcano.

My Second week of school

Hi everyone! I’m Calina. I so happy throughout the week. The most exciting and fun thing is that we have a science investigation to do today. We investigated about solids, liquids and gases. We investigated about oil, water, detergent and a little bit of food colouring (for liquid). We used magnifying glasses to look at the salt, sugar and sand (for solid). Lastly, we did some investigation about gases and liquids which must be the most exciting and fun part of the whole thing. First, we mixed sprite and vinegar together in a bottle. Then, we put some baking soda into the balloon. Lastly, we put the balloon (with the opening side to the bottle) and guess what we saw! We saw the balloon filling itself with air!It’s so fun at school this week, see you at school!