YA Reflection

Hi everyone! Did you have fun in the YAs? I did. And I’m going to do a reflection about it.

I felt happy and excited when they came. During the progress of preparing the performance, I learned to say only yes when people give you a solo or a challenge. I also learned to be energetic all the time, I learned it by: It was in the middle of the rehearsal, I asked Naomi” Aren’t you tired?” She told me” Even though I am a bit tired, I have to keep dancing. It is like the more tired I am, the more energy we will give to do an action because we want to finish the job fast and accurate to get some rest.” After hearing her response, I felt inspired to keep going on and do whatever job is assigned to me/us and whatever time it is.

We got a solo audition by singing a minimum of 10 seconds. And with my luck, I was chosen! At first, I was a bit scared, but after remembering what Naomi told me, I felt like I can do it! I learned the song quite fast, so I got a few chances to try it out on the stage. However, when I was trying it out, I was scared that my voice cracked. But thanks to Naomi, she comforted me and taught me a way not to crack so easily on stage. And Naomi is a very good coach! She is good at singing, her voice is beautiful, she is kind-hearted, she is always energetic and she is also very playful. (To Naomi: Thank you for teaching me a few very handy and useful techniques. I’ll miss you!)

Do you like YAs? Do you wish to have a chance in participating in the YA again?

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Activist speech reflection

Hi everyone! I think you all already did your activist speech, right? Today, I’m going to reflect on it and tell you about it.

What went well during the preparation and speech is:

-I find a wide range of information: I found it fast and efficiently.

-I raised my hand to present my activist speech on Tuesday: At first, I did not want to go up there. But after seeing people present on Monday, I thought it wasn’t that scary. And then on Tuesday, I saw my peers raising their hands to present, I got a bit of peer pressure about not having to volunteer myself because of seeing my peers raise their hands even though they thought (or I know) that I’m braver than any of them in usual. Therefore, I decided to raise my hand.

Areas of improvement are:

-Speak slower! : I can speak slower in the speech, but I was a bit scared when I was in front of the crowd, so as result, I spoke a bit faster than usual. (I didn’t mean to do it, but it just happens to me when I’m scared).


-I was a bit scared in front of the class because my friends are looking at me and I don’t want to get the hard work practice of mine wasted only because I was scared.

-I was excited because I get to do the topic “adopting a pet instead of buying one”. I decided to do that topic because I want to persuade my mother to get me a pet.

Next steps:

– I think I should improve on my speaking because when I get scared, I speak faster. I hope to improve it by next presentation.


– Having to find the resources at first was hard because I didn’t know where to start. I overcame it by talking to Annie and Amila for help. I did some of it with Annie after school and at home.


-I asked Annie to help me peer check my writing but she just changed my grammar😅😅

-I think one of the strategies for me is to try to speak slower in practice because I will start to gain pace when I’m scared in the real presentation.

These are what I did and feel during the preparation time and presentation. And for the link of the presentation, it is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1EvTT0IbZy03qZsWzjvZxnXca1EwyYmVM . I hope you guys did well on yours!

My PYPx cover

Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to show you my PYPx journal cover:

My central idea is Music can help people destress. My key concepts are causation, change, and function. And below, I showed the commonly used saxophone quarter. I showed a magazine with a saxophone on it because that is about the saxophone stuff.

How are you doing in your PYPX cover? Hope you done it well!

First term review

Hi everyone. Christmas is coming! Merry Christmas! And the 1st term is about to end. Today, I’m going to reflect on this term where I think I did well and what I have to improve on.

For achievements, I achieved all of my goals. Since I was a newcomer and did not have a growth mindset before, I was bad at motivation myself (which is referring to the self-motivation skills). I used to need my mum calling me to do my homework, but now, I can do it on my own eagerly and happily. I also achieved my time management skills, I am better at controlling my time. When the math and STP assignments come together and the STP deadline is earlier, I usually do the things I like doing more ~math, but now I know I have to manage my time well so I did STP first. And for my last goals, I achieved it too. I wanted to be at least 99% of the time accurate and I am now!

For what I enjoyed the most, I think I enjoy having my friends around me and morning meeting in class the most. I enjoy having my friends around me because they have a positive attitude and they always encourage me not to be sad not to reach my goal for tests but instead think of how to make your goals be true next time. My friends also play with me, tell jokes and hang out after school to do home learning together. I am really grateful to my friends for being with me while I am having a hard time😊. And for the morning meeting, I like it because I get to know more friends, play activity in the morning and it can help me wake my brain up. I really treasure it because I never had it in my old school and I am not sure if we will have it next year.

For what I am proud of, I am proud of myself and I am proud of Annie. I am proud of myself because I achieved all of my goals and I have become more of a risk-taker and have a growth mindset in such a short time. I am proud of Annie because since we’ve become friends, I helped her with some of her studies and encouraged her, she has been better than ever.

And lastly, for my further goals, I want to set it as communication skills, because I will be a bit nervous when I meet new people/strangers. And I want to make more friends so I want to learn how to communicate better.

How are you doing in this term? See you after Christmas break! Merry Christmas!!


Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

Hi everyone! This week, I’m sharing with you about how Abby, Annie, Amila and I worked through the Blues project.

In the first lesson, we fought over the lyrics. I told them not to say “I failed the math/Chinese test.” because the sentence is very negative. However, they got more votes on saying “I failed the math/Chinese test.” Therefore, we had a time of silence.

In the second lesson, we knew we had to record on that day. However, Amila was sick. We agreed to play alto xylophone and bass xylophone together for like a match to have a better sound. And when we knew she was sick, I had to play the bass xylophone instead. Annie wasn’t familiar with the cords, Abby wasn’t sure when to beat the drum and I wasn’t sure how I should play the xylophone to match the song. Therefore, it was a kind of mess in the first 10 minutes. However, I motivated our teammates to try the song together no matter if we’re right or wrong and we still have to go on. In the end, we got 2 practice before filming the actual video. I think that’s actually better than no practice.

In the filming time, we accidentally sang the wrong chorus and we quickly changed it, so I think it is a good improvisation. And at the end of the video, we weren’t together in the ending note, so I think we could have done better with more practice. And overall in the filming, I think it is good because all of us were nervous and we tried our best. (the link)


Proposal Reflection

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about how my proposal is going.

This Monday(4-11-2019) I did my proposal with Miss Pan. My proposal is about music. Miss Pan told me she loves music 🎵 🎶 🎷 🎹 🎺 🎻 🎼 too!

I think I did quite well since this is my first try and I tried my best and got some good feedbacks. I feel like I can do better after this talk. If I could do it again, I going to improve on my focus (more) detail.

Although I wasn’t approved, I found Miss Pan’s feedbacks and ideas very useful and I want to thank her for this again.

How is your proposal going? Have you been approved yet? Wish you luck!

My Learning Goal This Year 2019-2020

Hi everyone ! Today , I’m going to talk about my learning goals for this year (I have two).

My first learning goal is improving my mix operations of decimal and mix operation of fraction. I think this goal is reasonable and I will do some more exercise to achieve it. And I can do a few exercise to proof that I am able to reach my goals(Like at least 99% right) . I think my goal is relevant to my Grade 6 learning because we will do mix operation in class (Math).I want to achieve it by December break. (Actually, before break is much more better).

My second learning goal is improving my time management skills and self motivation skills. I think my goal is reasonable and I will achieve it by carrying it out starting by today. I will find myself managing time better as I won’t be clumsy with my schedule and work anymore. And I will find myself motivated my nothing but still do my job willingly. I think my goal is relevant to my Grade 6 learning because we have independent time/days which we will have to organise our schedule ourselves and doing our job on time. I want to reach my goal before graduating in Grade 6.

Now, I told you my learning goals, what are your learning goals for this year? Please tell me!

My first HTWW experiment (by my own)

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to tell you about my first HTWW experiment.

I did “How much sugar and salt can be dissolved into water ?” for my experiment. I did my hypothesis/prediction as: I think more salt can be dissolved into the water than sugar.And in case you want to try this experiment , I’ll tell you about it:

1. Pour 100mL of water into both of the cups(1 for salt and 1 for sugar).

2. Put 15mL/g of sugar into one of the cups.

3. Put 15mL/g of salt into another cup.

4. Do it again if all salt and sugar are dissolved into the water.

5. And after an amount of sugar and salt added into the water, some might not be dissolved, when some salt or sugar can’t be dissolved , stop adding and write down the result.

6.Compare results.

Guess how it turns out!

It turns out that the water can dissolve more sugar than salt! The experiment result is like this:


1st time 2nd time 3rd time 4th time 5th time 6th time 7th time 8th time Total

(15 mL /g each time)

ok Could




(15 mL /g each time)

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok +10 mL 115mL/g

After I done this experiment, I felt quite amazed by the result as 115mL/g of sugar can be dissolved and less than 30mL/g of salt can be dissolved into water, the contrast is so big. And I am a bit upset because my hypothesis was totally a reverse — 100% wrong.

I learned that more sugar can be dissolved into water than salt. I wonder what it would be if I changed water to milk.

But anyways , I have a great time in the experiment. How about you?