Chinese End Of Year Reflection Form


= 这单元意义因为我们用了每天。我最喜欢是我爱我家因为这是很有趣。

请说明理由 Please specify the reason of the answer to Question 5.

= 在八月,我不说话很多。但是现在我知道和说了一点。我可以用很多Sentence Structures

今年的学习中,我觉得比较困难的是……(List the challenges or difficulties that you are facing this year.)

= Oral是一点点难因为我不舒服在同学说话。

你今年的中文SMART学习目标是什么?你达到了目标吗?What was your SMART goal and have you achieved it? Please specify.

= 学习Vocab更多。现在我可以度和用很多 Vocab。

今年,你学到了什么?明年有什么打算?What have you learned this year? What’s your study plan for the summer and the next school year?

= 今年我学习很多Vocabulary和Sentence Structure。在今年暑假我要学习More vocabulary和说话。明年我要说多。I want to improve more on Vocabulary and be comfortable on Speaking more Chinese fluently.



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