Ukulele – Amazing Grace Assignment

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
The key of Amazing Grace was the chord ‘C’. I can define the key of the tune by checking the first chord on the music. The time signature was 3/4 which is 3 beats per bar.


What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically? *
There were quarter note, half note, eighth note and dotted half note. This song includes pickup beat which the song is connected to the next bar. Since, Amazing Grace is a slow and calm song so there were longer notes like half note to sound more calm. This song was pretty good suited with amount of long notes, which actually made the song look more unique and stand out due to the good expressions of the music.


Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing… *
I recorded my music by bar. However, some of the music was not accurate or on time, so I had to edit some of them. But, I was about 80% accurate without editing. I had to learn some new notes but I think I still did pretty fine with playing them together, but the eighth notes were pretty hard to play quickly so I had to overcome that part of the eighth note which took me a pretty long time to get a nice sound.


What Ukulele skills have you acquired? Chords, melody, etc. *
I knew how to play the chords but this was the first time to learn how to play the melody. I was happy to play an actual song using the ukulele because through the past years I was only playing the basic chords C, G, F which is pretty easy. I also learned to make a nice sound using ukulele and the way of recording the song. I never used garage band before but I learned how to cut and paste and trim and all that stuff and learned how to play accurate on time.


How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
This song contains calm and beautiful melody, which that I had to make my tempo not fast but not too slow. I made my tempo 80 because this song is not a fast song but it is not that slow too. If I made this tempo about 100 it would sound like a more a pop song due to it’s fastness. If it was slow, it would more sound sad instead of the melody filled with full of emotion and the good expression of emotional feelings that when a person was lost of feelings.


How did you use the editing tools in Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… *
I used all of the tools to edit different parts of my recording. For trimming I used to get rid of some parts that had my voice in it which is not suppose to be there. For copy and pasting I used it to paste the same chord to a different part of the melody, which helped a lot and that I didn’t have to rerecord. For cutting, I used it when I recorded a half note on one side but needed as a quarter note on the other part of the melody. I had to cut after copying it and made it sound natural. I also had to re record some parts where there was the sound of other melody or when it was not in time. I came into music class during lunch recess to re record some bits that doesn’t sound natural.


Discuss your recording process; recording bar at a time, chord at a time, in phrases? Did you have any concerns or issues? *
When I was recording, I recorded the melody bar at the time and adjusted it if needed. For chord I recorded a chord at a time because it is easier to copy and paste the chord. For the singing I recorded 2 lines and the other 2 lines separately. I have concerns of the eighth notes because it wasn’t recorded properly and it was pretty hard to quickly change the note when the others had time. I think if it was not eighth note, I did pretty fine.


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