Design Logo Reflection

This is a picture of my Logo:

I think my logo generally represent me and what I think of myself. I do love nature and loves staying with nature and taking pictures of it. And I wrote ‘J’ and ‘E’ so it represent my name Jessie’s first two letters. That is how my logo generally represents me. If I could change my logo I would make the J and E not really looking like a person because that is what most people think and that is what I think too.

Please Comment below to give me some comments on my Logo~


Some Questions You can refer to :

What do you think about my logo and how do you think it represents me?

What do you think of the color choices?

What is one thing you wanna change in my logo?


7 thoughts on “Design Logo Reflection”

  1. – i think including a quote was a good and different idea
    – the color scheme in unique and represents you well
    – i would change the color and size of the quote so that it stands out more
    good jobbb 🙂

  2. 1. the colors really match your personality and so does the phrase you wrote
    2. really matches you and are really well-chosen
    3. I would probably change the font of the phrase and probably touch up the outlines but other than that it’s pretty good

    (i mean you’ve never used illustrator before so I don’t judge)

  3. I like it that you used one of the logo design principles (Memorable) but I wish you change your logo more simple and use more bright colors. Something like yellow, orange, etc. If you use some dark colors, it can make people to think that you are very depressed. I like your shape choices!

  4. I really like your logo I just think that maybe you need to make the J look less like a person because people might get confused.

  5. I love the nature part too! I liked the green and the blue part of the logo. but I am not the biggest fan of the purple part, so maybe make the purple lighter or chose the other colours.

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