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Change Home Menu Attribute

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Home URL Link

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project genesis

Google Forms
What information are you using from this link? *
how to match 2 songs to the same beat for the mashup
What information are you using from this link? *
how to make a mashup / remix easier
What information are you using from this link? *
how to make a mashup in GB
What information are you using from this link? *
how to match beat with 2 songs
#genesis #music

Project Genesis

What is the goal for your assignment and why? *
making a mashup. I chose this goal because all 5 of the songs i chose all sound quite similar and it would be fun to find out whether or not it would sound good all together whether it was a mashup or a remix.


Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *
1. find 5 songs that have the same vibe 2. download all 5 songs 3. transfer them onto garageband 4. make cuts and edits on each of them 5. add effects 6. publish 7. reflect


What are the criteria you will use to self assess the success of your product? *
1. must have 5 songs 2. must be at least 2 minutes long 3. make edits to each song so they sound different from the original song 4. Must have consistent tempo throughout

#genesis #music


Sounds Of CDNIS

Describe the process of this assignment. *
Due to my computer restarted, I had to restart my summative task which was quite overwhelming for me to handle but it gave my more of a creative outlet for me to find more sounds to make it better than it was before. I put the sound of an air purifier and a record player sound effect as the start of the song and slowly progressed with the finger snapping, typing sounds, book flipping, and 2 software instruments.

Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *
my sounds (at home) were quite useful as a beat to the actual song and the air purifier and the record player sound represents what happens every day at home during quarantine

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
I learnt how to change sounds that I recorded into the same tempo as the track so it all matches up to create a song. i also learnt how the ‘Master echo’ effect affects the sound that is being used. I also learned how to adjust the volume and loop the sounds in GarageBand.

What challenges did you face and overcome? *
One of the challenges I faced was my computer in general. I had to always restart / shut it down when I couldn’t hear the audio, and sometimes it would automatically restart therefore I lost everything before having a chance to save it. Another challenge I faced was matching the piano sound with the actual theme song. Even though they started off in the same beat, the piano became slower but still remaining the same tempo.