The YA Reflection

Just a few days ago the YA came over to our school and teaches us dance singing and more. I really enjoyed the time with the Young Americans. I just hope it never ended. I also got a solo I got it from Jack he got me an acting solo I really really enjoyed. It’s a boxing solo which I acted a crazy boxing coach that went crazy after the person he trained lost.


The best part about Young Americans are how fun they are to be with. 


I really want to thanks Jack for giving me a good solo. Thank you all of the YA.


-Norman (Juicebox Shriek)

My ignite talk

This year our teacher told us to do an expedition. It is very important because it is major for our pypx. Our teacher told us to prepare for it with an ignite talk. Overall I did not think my ignite talk went very well because I only prepared a little piece of flashcard to save me if I went off track. Well, that did not work because I still went off track. Next time I am going to prepare more.

Assembly moved to April

In our class, our assembly that everyone is looking forward to was rescheduled to April. Normally I will be pretty mad but not this one cause there is a reason for this. Our homeroom teacher Mr.Mark’s father is very sick. He told us he has to go and visit his father so our assembly was rescheduled.


Family is more important than anything. No matter what you have to be with your family until they pass away. Even if there’s something REALLY FUN and REALLY IMPORTANT always always always be with your family’s funeral wedding etc your family is very crucial to you because they raised you and helped you.