What are things you like about my logo

what are things that you would change


4 thoughts on “Design”

  1. Ok, so your logo is very good in the sense if the art style, as it is really creative. The font is very simple, and the thing itself is versatile. One thing that could be changed was to add a bit more detail or other things that could make it represent you.

  2. I love the stacked stars, it looks really absratct but I still know what you are showing. The colours you choose were all quite dark but I think that gives your logo a more mature feel and the dark colours work together well.
    I also like the font you used for your companies name, start designs.
    I would change the pattern on the border idk what it’s called because it kind of distracts the viewer from the stars and font and it’s not particularly visually appealing.
    Good job 😀

  3. I think that your logo is great! Beautiful, has a good Hollywood feel. If I were you, I will replace the stars colour with a bit more studio feel. Other then that, good! VAMOS!

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